Strains of the Week – 22nd to 29th of September 2021

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September it’s coming to an end, days are shorter and chillier. But don’t worry, we’re here to lift your spirits and warm your hearts. Do you see that bright light at the end of the tunnel? It’s our Strains of the Week. Top brands at top prices from Wednesday the 22nd of September until the 29th.

Barney’s Farm, DNA Genetics, or Dutch Passion are just some of the few top brands we pick on a weekly basis. Six strains of which half are feminised and the other half are autoflowering.

To apply the 15% off the price please introduce the code ‘SOTW15‘ at the checkout.

Both breeders and types of seeds may vary depending on the week and the events taking place at the time. This means no week will be the same as the previous one!

We’ll try to please all tastes by selecting carefully strains based on their flavour, THC and CBD content, maximum size, yielding, etc.

The Strains of the Week

Black Sugar Feminised Seeds by Seedsman Seeds

black sugar feminised seeds seedsman 0 1Black Sugar is an 80% indica strain that develops a round, bushy structure with strong lower branches. It has a short flowering time, a good yield and a typically indica effect. It is a 3-way cross of Black Domina x L.A OG x Critical.

Black Sugar has a very fruity lemon and orange taste with pronounced skunk notes. THC levels are very high with low CBD giving an effect that is powerfully narcotic and an exceptional strain with which to relax and do nothing but dream.

Runtz Muffin Feminised Seeds by Barney’s Farm

runtz muffin packet 1 seedRuntz Muffin is the result of crossing Zkittlez x Gelato, and then further crossing it with Orange Punch. This Cookies descendant will delight with her delicious flavours and potent, balanced effect. The addition of Orange Punch increased the indica percentage and also increased production.

Experiencing this wonderful strain is like being cosseted in a sweet smelling blanket of perfumed lavender bliss with a twist of clementine. Its dense, smouldering smoke delivers a fruity hit of joy and euphoria that lasts throughout the day. Your worries and troubles drift away in a sumptuous sea of fruity flavours, buds literally dripping in an intoxicating resin pushing the needle to a prodigious 29% THC.

Delightful aromas right out of the sweet shop – often hints of orange marzipan can be found developing during late flower. A multitude of tasty terpenes make this strawberry delight a wonderful growing experience for any level of gardener. Subtle purple and deep green hues can be found on the finished buds, a real joy to behold, glinting like the crown jewels.

The OG #18 Feminised Seeds by DNA Genetics

reserva privada the og 18 0Reserva Privada has a particular affection for this strain. They have used it in a number of hybridisation projects and it is clear to see why. On its own, this mostly indica strain really delivers the goods.

It provides a very typical indica stone that fills the head and can easily leave the user couched for hours. It is also a very therapeutic strain with numerous pain management benefits.

Originally developed and bred by DNA Genetics, The OG #18 is a hardy strain that grows well both indoors and out. Indoors, its size lends it well to a number of growing methods, both hydroponic and soil-based.

Xtreme Auto Feminised Seeds by Dutch Passion

Xtreme Auto Feminised Seeds jpgXtreme Auto is a self-flowering version of Outlaw, the Amnesia x Super Haze Cross.

The addition of Ruderalis genes was achieved through the cooperation of the Spanish seed bank Dinafem, which has a great deal of experience developing automatic cannabis plants.

Auto Xtreme is a high-yielding, sativa-dominant auto that can be grown in almost all environments up to a maximum height of 150 cm.

It has a slightly longer growing cycle than many auto strains taking up to 85 days from seed to harvest.

Dark Devil Auto Feminised Seeds by Sweet Seeds

Sweer Seeds Dark Devil Auto Feminised Seeds 1This strain is comprised of a 100% Autoflowering crossing of one of Sweet Seeds best received autoflowering genetics, Big Devil XL, and an exotic autoflowering strain that produces purple flowers.

The purple phenotype is taken from its roots close to Afghanistan, in the Chiral region in the Pakistani Hindu Kush. As is typical of many of Sweet Seeds’ strains, Dark Devil has a great amount of vigor from the get-go.

The flowers and their surrounding leaves show an outstanding level of resin production, with a sweet, fruity fragrance and some more spicy undertones, with lemony hues to it.

Orange Bud Auto Feminised Seeds by Dutch Passion

orange bud auto feminised seeds dutch passion 0 1The Dutch Passion master breeder responsible for some of the best modern autoflowering genetics, such as Auto Mazar, Auto Ultimate and Auto Daiquiri Lime, took extra special care to create Auto Orange Bud.

A male autoflowering Auto Daiquiri Lime individual was first crossed with our supreme original Orange Bud photoperiod mother plant.

The result was an autoflowering variety which is as good as our original photoperiod Orange Bud in potency, quality and aroma/taste. Even our experienced test panel could not notice the difference in a blind test.


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