Top Rolling Accessories

As joint-rolling has developed we have come up with all sorts of extra bits and pieces to improve the process. Rolling can be complicated, especially if you are trying to get the perfect joint. There is no shame in using a little helpful device to improve the overall quality of your jazz cigarettes. Let’s have a look at the top accessories currently available for rolling the best joints around.

Rolling Machines

A rolling machine is one of the most basic props you can use to make rolling a joint easier. This simple piece of plastic and fabric removed the need to use your fingers when rolling. It also ensures that the tightness is just right. There’s nothing worse than rolling a sleeping bag for a mouse. All you need to do is pop in the tobacco and weed or just weed, roll it through the fabric to mould it into a long cylinder. Then you add in the roach and the skin, twist it all up and voila!

Raw King Rolling Machine

If we are looking at any sort of joint accessories Raw is usually a good bet. This company has been working with weed appropriate items for a long time and their machines are both easy to use and reliable. She is extremely light and portable while being able to create a full joint in no time at all. There are Raw king skins that fit in this bad boy perfectly and take all of the pain out of rolling. This machine is also extremely inexpensive so it’s no wonder it’s a top seller.


This machine is designed for cigarettes but it’s also great for joints. It is quite a bit more expensive than some of the other options but it is really a decent piece of kit. This machine is described as an “injector” which just means it will inject the contents into the skin to create perfectly smooth and quick joints. These guys may be pricey and not very portable but they will last for years and take all of the pain out of rolling.

Rizla Rolling Machine

This last baby has a metal base unlike the Raw model and is extremely durable while being portable and easy to use. This machine is extremely fast and creates flawless joints for a reasonable price.

The Smoker’s Multi-Tool

Nuggy is a multi-tool that was made specifically for stoners. Not only is it completely adorable but it has everything that a smoker would need. It has a bunch of little gadgets that make every aspect of smoking easier and so you don’t have to carry around a bunch of different bits and pieces. The Nuggy comes with a knife, scissors, clip, tamper, mini-spoon, bowl scraper, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, pokey bit, and an LED flashlight. At under £30, it is a bit of a steal for how useful it is as well as its being portable and hard-wearing. Definitely a good idea for the modern stoner on the go.

Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are great for keeping everything together and making sure you have all the bits you need to put your joint together. You also just need a clean and flat surface to roll on. Flat surfaces are extremely important to make sure you can set down your joint and work through the various steps without spilling weed everywhere. Then if you do spill and it is easy to pick back up off the tray.

Raw Rolling Tray

Of course, Raw are close to the top when it comes to rolling accessories. This gorgeous wooden tray has little sections for all of your accoutrements. It even has a little joint support to put your skin in to keep it upright. It has space for joints that you’ve already rolled as well as for your weed, your tobacco and anything else you need. She isn’t cheap but she is very well made and will last a long time.

Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

This is a really nifty piece of kit, a rotating rolling tray. It has special compartments and surfaces that rotate around a central rolling tray. It comes in a variety of colours and is made from top-quality wood and plastics. This tray is considered one of the best rolling trays on the market. It has 2 rolling areas, 3 lighter holes, a 3″ cutout for a grinder, torch, or jar, 2 custom multi-purpose silicone inserts, a 3″ silicone pad for your glassware, 3 banger holders, 2 phone holders, 1 stepped cupholder, 1 medical-grade silicone slap for concentrate, and 5 multi-purpose slots.

Marley Natural Wooden Tray

This is a beautiful and simple tray with an accessory compartment and a body of natural wood. It is lovely to look at so can be proudly displayed in any smoke room. She is a little more expensive but definitely worth the extra money.


Finally, we will look at a couple of grinders, though a full breakdown of the top grinders can be found on our blog. A huge part of what makes a great joint is perfectly ground weed. Here is one cost-effective but high performing grinder and one for those looking for something fancier.

Bulldog Grinder

This grinder is great for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money but wants something high quality. It has 3 compartments to ensure a smooth grind while also catching all the lovely extra bits. It has a metal finish and diamond-shaped teeth so will create an extra smooth grind. It comes highly recommended by a number of smokers and smoking blogs.

Zam Modular Pocket Grinder

This grinder is a small modular grinder that is totally portable, perfect for the smoker on the move. It is a little pricier but the teeth are sharp, and the kief catcher can be completely removed if you want it to be even smaller. It produces extremely finely ground weed and it is completely made out of aluminium with a fantastic non-stick bowl.

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