Did you know that CBD oil is one of the most popular types of CBD-based products on the market? In fact, just about every brand that manufactures hemp formulas offers their unique version of this highly versatile formula. However, trying to find a CBD oil that meets your needs can sometimes be a challenge. So, we have narrowed it down to the best tinctures that you can find on today’s market, which are all available on our website. All CBD oils on this list have been lab-tested by a third party to guarantee maximum purity and overall quality.

How to Use CBD Oils

CBD oil consists of hemp extract diluted in a carrier oil, and it comes in a dropper bottle for easy administration. While it works suitably as a food additive, it is most commonly used as a tincture. The process is simple:

  1. Fill the dropper with oil.
  2. Pour it below the tongue.
  3. Hold it there for 60 seconds before swallowing.

This process allows it to absorb through the sublingual tissue, providing a bioavailable delivery method that can take effect within 15 to 45 minutes.

#10: Hemp Bombs Peppermint CBD Oil (300mg / 750mg / 1500mg / 3000mg / 5000mg)

Hemp Bombs offers a staggering array of CBD oils in different flavors and concentrations, but their Peppermint CBD Oil is a best-seller, both for its taste and its potency. Anyone looking for a multiple strength options will enjoy adding this to their routine, and the naturally derived minty flavor just makes each serving all the more enjoyable. The THC-free CBD extract is blended with MCT oil and peppermint extract to offer a clean formula that’s great for daily use.

Choose Hemp Bombs Peppermint CBD Oil 5000mg Because…

  • Multiple milligram strengths
  • Peppermint flavor
  • Minimal ingredients
  • THC-free
  • Organic hemp extract

#9: Green Garden Gold One2One CBD & CBG Oil

Green Garden Gold’s unique One2One formula offers a whole new way to experience the properties of the hemp plant by combining 500mg CBD with 500mg CBG. Cannabigerol is a rare, minor cannabinoid in the hemp plant that’s a precursor to cannabidiol, with a diverse array of properties that come form its affinity for CB2 receptors in the body. Combining these two cannabinoids together produces a synergistic experience that is truly one of a kind. Experience the “Mother of All Cannabinoids” today!

Choose Green Garden Gold One2One CBD & CBG Oil Because…

  • 500mg CBD and 500mg CBD
  • Clean ingredients
  • Organic plant extracts
  • Filler-free
  • THC-free

#8: Eco Sciences SOCIAL Citrus Ginger

If you want a tincture that doesn’t just feel great but tastes great as well, look no further. This 30ml bottle of CBD oil is infused with naturally derived citrus and ginger extracts that instantly hit the spot and enliven your senses. Each serving contains 150mg of full spectrum hemp extract, which is extremely potent and therefore highly capable of helping you meet your goals. Meanwhile, it contains only clean ingredients, organic hemp extract and an overall formula that’s clear of sugar while being gluten-free and vegan.

Choose Eco Sciences SOCIAL Citrus Ginger Because…

  • Exceptional citrus ginger flavor
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Clean ingredients
  • Sugar-free
  • 150mg per serving

#7: Swiss Relief Berry CBD Oil Tincture

Swiss Relief is one of the most trustworthy brands on the market, offering transparency and honesty to customers while working with only the most carefully sourced ingredients and premium hemp material possible. Their 30ml Berry CBD Oil Tincture has a mouthwatering berry taste, derived from clean ingredients, while its THC-Free formula comes in four milligram strength options. This and all Swiss Relief’s Nano-Technology tinctures use high-speed emulsion methods to create a micro-encapsulation of the molecules. The result? Dramatically increased bio-availability to yield faster results.

Choose Swiss Relief Berry CBD Oil Tincture Because…

  • Excellent berry flavor
  • Clean, natural ingredients
  • THC-free
  • Variety of strength options
  • Organic plant material

#6: JGO Ashwagandha Superfood CBD Oil

Jolly Green Oil’s Ashwagandha Superfood CBD Oil offers a unique blend of hemp extract and ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb that may regulate the nervous system to help it adapt to overwhelmors. This innovative formula allows the two plant derivatives to combine synergistically while offering one simple, user-friendly means for administration. Meanwhile, the overall formula is made with only clean, naturally sourced ingredients. These are gentle on the body and perfect for daily consumption.

Choose JGO Ashwagandha Superfood CBD Oil Because…

  • 500mg of CBD per 30ml bottle
  • Ashwagandha for daily adaptogen consumption
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Clean ingredients
  • Organic hemp

#5: Hempzilla Connoisseur CBD Tincture Lifter

This CBD oil from Hempzilla is quite unique in that it’s one of the few strain-specific options on the market. Each 15ml bottle contains 500mg of full spectrum hemp extract in the popular Lifter strain, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for offering bliss and invigoration due to its unique configuration of terpenes. It comes from the brand’s Connoisseur Select line that utilizes some of the most premium flower in the world to create highly bioavailable options that go above and beyond to satisfy our daily hemp needs.

Choose Hempzilla Connoisseur CBD Tincture Lifter Because…

  • Sativa-dominant Lifter strain
  • 500mg per 15ml
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Clean ingredients
  • Premium organic hemp material

#4: For the People CBD Oil 30ml (1200mg / 2400mg)

For the People offers their own unique spin on CBD oil by infusing it with their signature full spectrum hemp extract that’s completely unrefined, meaning that it has not been purified, resulting in stronger levels of naturally occurring compounds and a notable plant-like taste that ensures maximum potency. With two milligram strength options per 30ml bottle, each serving offers a generous amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients. Plus, the strains you can choose from are insane such as White Widow, Grand Daddy Purple, Pineapple Express, Durban Sour, Super Lemon Haze, and more!

Choose For the People CBD Oil 30ml Because…

  • An Array of great strain options
  • Powerful 1800mg strength per 30ml bottle
  • Free of harsh additives
  • Easy to pour into a tank or cartridge
  • Full spectrum

#3: Blue Moon Hemp TruBlu CBD Oil

Blue Moon Hemp has created a serious crowd pleaser with their 30ml bottle of 1000mg CBD Oil. It provides the perfect daily serving for the majority of hemp enthusiasts. This organic oil formula comes in Natural, Berry, and Peppermint flavors, blending together nano-emulsified full spectrum hemp for faster and more efficient absorption, combined with cold-pressed hemp oil as a dilution agent. Essentially, their Nano-Technology and high speed emulsion methods created a micro-encapsulation of the molecules resulting in greater bio-availability. End result: more efficacy and better absorption leading to increased effects.

Choose Blue Moon Hemp TruBlu CBD Oil Because…

  • Nano-emulsified for more bioavailability
  • 3 flavor options
  • 1000mg per 30ml
  • Organic hemp
  • Full spectrum

#2: Koi Naturals Infused with Koi PRIZM© CBD Oil Natural Flavor (1500mg / 3000mg)

Koi is one of the most recognizable names in the industry and has been for years. This is all thanks to their top-quality CBD-infused offerings, including a phenomenally advanced tincture that utilizes the brand’s Koi PRIZM© technology to deliver a higher density and diversity of cannabinoids that work with the body’s endocannabinoid system. It contains nothing but naturally derived, clean ingredients and organic hemp compounds extracted using advanced methods to yield high bioavailability and stability.

Choose Koi Naturals Infused with Koi PRIZM© CBD Oil Natural Flavor Because…

  • Two milligram strength options
  • Unflavored
  • Free of additives
  • Advanced cannabinoid diversity and potency
  • Organic plant material

#1: Neuro XPF ISOTERP™ CBD Oil (500mg / 1000mg)

One of the most scientifically advanced CBD oils in our industry comes from Neuro XPF. They have created a water-soluble hemp extract that absorbs more easily into the body to maximize the effectiveness of the plant’s various properties. This, combined with ISOTERP™ technology enhances bioavailability. The formula comes in two milligram strength choices. Not only that, but it acts as the perfect daily serving size for most individuals, while containing only natural and clean ingredients.

Choose Neuro XPF ISOTERP™ CBD Oil Because…

  • Enhanced with ISOTERP technology
  • Water-soluble for enhanced absorption
  • Two milligram strength options per 30ml bottle
  • Unflavored
  • Clean ingredients

Top-Quality Tincture Formulas with an Array of Options Can Only Be Found at Pure CBD Vapors

CBD oil is a type of hemp product that really lives up to the hype, and you can enjoy only the finest tincture-based products when you scope out the options above and more at Pure CBD Vapors. Keep in mind that CBD oil can be extracted in a number of different ways. However, CO2 extraction yields the highest purity and potency. This is why all of our CBD oil products use this method of extraction.

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