Are you heading out of town on a summer vacation? You may not want to bring along a CBD tincture, measure it out for each use, or risk a mess if you accidentally spill. Thankfully, with help from CBDistillery™, you won’t have to enjoy your time off without the benefits of CBD. If you’re looking for easy, portable CBD solutions to bring on your vacation, try these CBD products from CBDistillery.

CBD Options for Life On-the-Go

One of the easiest ways to bring CBD with you wherever you go is in a softgel capsule. CBD pills are pre-measured, reducing the risk of spilling as you portion out your personal serving size. CBD softgels are very easy to transport, so you can leave them in your hotel room or take them with you on adventures. All you need is a sip of water, and you are ready to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Start each day off right, letting go of your worries while taking time for yourself.

Snack on CBD Gummies

Another great way to enjoy CBD while on vacation is with gummies. CBD gummies from CBDistillery are lightly coated with sugar and come in tropical and mixed berry flavors. Whether you are seek a chill vibe for your vacation or you need a way to get a good night’s rest after the excitement of your day’s festivities, CBDistillery has a CBD gummy for you. CBD gummies are pre-measured, making it easy to determine how many supplements to take for your personal serving size. Focus on your vacation fun with CBD gummies from CBDistillery.

Get Relief with CBD Topicals

If you find yourself walking around a lot, exploring your destination, or with tired legs from traveling in the car all day, get relief in the form of a CBD topical or salve. Get your CBD salve online before your trip – your muscles will thank you. You can target specific muscles with a topical CBD solution, helping you get out and enjoy the sights and attractions of your vacation destination. As a bonus, CBD salves can help moisturize and nourish your skin. Choose an option to help better target areas with CBD isolate or a broad spectrum Relief Stick. Depending on your needs, there’s an on-the-go CBD solution for you.

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