Top Strains For Kink Lovers

Cannabis can be used in a wide variety of ways. It can be for a relaxing evening, a fun party, reducing stress or anxiety, and even for sexier activities. There are quite a few strains that come highly recommended for a fun evening with a partner, but what about the kink enthusiasts out there? You may think that surely it’s just the same strains? Nope, you’re wrong I’m afraid. When we start moving from vanilla sex into the kink department we experience a whole new host of potential dangers, rules, props and generally a lot more to think about. We can’t be asleep at the wheel or somebody could get hurt. These strains are all perfect for subs, doms and everything in between because they give that extra hit of arousal without putting anyone in danger. As always be safe, have your special rope scissors ready and sort out your safewords.

Mimosa EVO

Right off the bat, I will say that this is one for the experienced smokers and kinksters out there. She is very powerful at 25 – 30% but her effect is fantastic for a session. She is extremely happy and uplifting with the ability to reduce nerves and anxiety. She is also great for motivation, which you can really apply however you want it to. She is Sativa dominant, unsurprisingly, which gives her that beautifully perky edge. Anecdotal evidence suggests that she doesn’t just get the brain perked up. She is often recommended as a strain for erotic adventures. Her flavour is bright and lemony with a hint of tropical fruit. Of course, the high is extremely clear-headed which is vital if you are playing with restraints or anything else potentially dangerous. Mimosa was created by combining Purple Punch and Clementine. She has a flowering time of 65 days and she can be grown indoors or outdoors.


Are you a sub with an upsettingly low pain tolerance? Look no further than Trainwreck. This strain is often used as a painkiller and to reduce aches post-exercise. Of course, you don’t want to increase your pain tolerance too much as you need to be able to let your partner know when enough is enough. However, a slight dimming of the pain can help things get along a lot smoother and really increase the pleasure aspect of an impact session. It is also extremely relaxing which can be good for other types of experiments. It usually has a THC level of 21.4% so I would recommend this only for subs and preferably if you aren’t using props. You also don’t need to smoke much, too much of this strain will ruin your fun. Just the right amount will relax the body, reduce pain receptors, and allow you to really enjoy your session. Trainwreck has an 8-week flowering time and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Sour Diesel

Every list of sexy strains has to have Sour Diesel on it. This strain is powerful, cerebral and uplifting with plenty of focus. This is a fantastic strain for doms who want something to enhance their experience without distracting their brain. It is important that the dom is fully alert to ensure nothing bad happens to their partner. Of course, subs are welcome to use Sour Diesel as well, overall it is just one of the finest sexy strains on the market. This strain is also perfect for anyone who is struggling with depression or stress ruining their good time. Her THC content is still pretty high at 19% so don’t smoke too much. It has a beautifully sweet and sour flavour that makes it an absolute joy to smoke. Sour Diesel has a flowering time of 10 – 11 weeks and grows well indoors or outdoors.


This strain smokes like it was made for kinky adventures. She is best known for allowing the creative juices to flow while keeping the mind happy and focused. Creativity can make a big difference in kink so if you feel things are getting a little stale absolutely go for this strain. This strain doesn’t just jazz up the brain, it also produces a physical euphoria that will make everything feel just ridiculously good. The combination of creativity, sensitivity and confidence makes it the perfect strain for experimentation. She provides all of these incredible effects with a THC level of 11%, making her the safest kink strain on the market. The low THC means both parties can focus and ensure that nothing is getting out of control or potentially dangerous. Jillybean has a flowering time of 8 weeks and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Grandaddy Purple

No list of kink-friendly strains would be complete without something for aftercare. Unfortunately, aftercare is all too often forgotten in kink and it is just as vital as every other aspect of the scene or session. Kink can be emotionally and physically taxing so afterwards you should try to have a chill lie down, a snack, a cuddle, watch cartoons, whatever relaxes you. Grandaddy Purple is a comfortable and relaxing sedative that is perfect for unwinding a post-scene brain. It has a pretty high THC level of 25 – 35% so maybe don’t go overboard unless you like to have a nap right after playing. This strain is usually recommended to those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, nausea or pain so it is ideal for forcing your body to unwind. Grandaddy Purple is Indica dominant and was created by crossing Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This strain is an award winner and can always be trusted to release any pent up stress or anxiety. I cannot stress how important it is that you practice aftercare whether you are a dom, sub, switch or any of the variations. Everyone needs to decompress after enjoying kink.

Once again I’ll say please stay safe, fully discuss the use of cannabis with your partner before starting a session, and ensure you have done everything to guarantee that you and your partner enjoy yourselves.

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