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New Tuesday, new Strains of the Week selection! 15% off top brands seeds, top strains. We keep the usual – 3 Fems and 3 Autos, to please all the tastes. If you want to know more, then keep scrolling down to find out which are the Strains of the Week!

As we always repeat, to apply the price reduction please introduce the code ‘SOTW15‘ at the checkout.

Both breeders and types of seeds may vary depending on the week and the events taking place at the time. This means no week will be the same as the previous one!

We’ll try to please all tastes by selecting carefully strains based on their flavour, THC and CBD content, maximum size, yielding, etc.

The Strains of the Week

Tropicanna Banana Feminised Seeds by Barney’s Farm

tropicanna banana 1Tropicanna Banana is another totally tantalising addition to our Cali collection. It’s a mesmerising tropical cocktail of fresh fruity flavours, uncompromising power and excellent yield potential. This remarkable hybrid is sweet, sticky, pumped up, highly potent and will leave growers gasping in awe at these high performing genetics.

Barney’s Farm has tamed this sativa-dominant hybrid (60% Sativa, 40% Indica) and garnished it with huge dollops of glistening, sweet tropical fruit-scented trichomes. A perfectly crafted marriage of Tropicanna (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie) and a twist of Banana Kush infuses a calming Indica influence.

Her effervescent personality will guide you into a world of euphoric fizz and mystery. Tropicanna Banana is a highly vigorous plant, capable of delivering monster production when in the correct hands.

Skywalker Kush Feminised Seeds by DNA Genetics

skywalker kush feminised seeds dna genetics 0When people ask for a good yielding OG Kush variety they are talking about the Skywalker Kush!

This is a very sought after clone in the States and now DNA Genetics are very proud to present this strain to the world. The Skywalker Kush tastes similar to their OG Kush, but the yield has increased a lot. The Skywalker Kush gives above average yields as well as having a great complex flavour.

With its high THC % The Skywalker Kush will produce big dense flowers with lots of resin, flowering in 9 weeks gives you the chance to have multiple high yielding crops a year. You can super-crop Skywalker Kush or you can stop her either way she responds great and rewards you with exceptional herb.

Fruit Spirit Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

fruit spirit feminised seeds royal queen seeds 0Fruit Spirit is the latest result of Royal Queen’s ongoing effort to develop new and exciting flavour experiences for cannabis enthusiasts. This strain is among the sweetest skunk varieties you will ever try.

In fact, this one is so unique and so full of flavour; we predict that you will never tire of it. Even better, we are certain that anyone who tries it will most definitely keep coming back for more.

The great news is that these seeds don’t keep you waiting and the plants don’t keep you wanting. They are of unbeatable quality and produce an impressive yield under the right conditions.

Fruit Spirit is a Sativa dominant plant, but its indica genetics work well in the height department. These plants simply will not grow over 3 feet indoors. This strain is a prime candidate for methods like Sea of Green and can be cultivated in tight spaces.

OG Kush Auto Feminised Seeds by Seedsman Seeds

og kush auto feminised seeds seedsman 0OG Kush Auto is a small, indica-dominant plant which was bred from a Seedsman breeding auto and an OG Kush Auto strain.

It is perfect either for growing on balconies or in smallish pots to move around the garden to get maximum exposure to the sun. It is very similar in all other respects to the photoperiod version of OG Kush.

OG Kush Auto grows well indoors and outdoors and will not exceed much above 100 cm. in height in all environments. It is 80% indica and has a total grow time from germination through to harvest of 75 days.

The flavour of this strain is largely oiled, pepper and citrus fruit and THC production is high while that of CBD is low. The effect is a very relaxing body-stone.

Super Lemon Haze AUTO Feminised Seeds by Greenhouse Seeds Co.

super lemon haze Auto greenhouse 0Super Lemon Haze is a truly legendary, multi-award-winning strain from the master-breeders at Green House Seed Co. By combining Super Lemon Haze with a specially selected Ruderalis, all of the original’s best properties can be retained in an easy-going, rapid auto-flowering form.

The flavour is overwhelmingly citrus-like, with a gorgeous spicy, incense undertone and hints of grapefruit and lime, earth and musk in the aroma.

Effects are clear, cerebral and complex, coming on fast with a strong Sativa influence. The body stone is light but enough to relax the muscles and create a pleasant buzz.

LSD – 25 Auto Feminised Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

LSD 25 AutoA certain amount of courage was required when we undertook the task of crossing the legendary strain LSD.

But we challenged ourselves and weren’t disappointed when we were rewarded with one of the snowiest, beautiful strains that will effortlessly and instantly slam you hard with its tremendous strength.


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