Creating The Perfect Smoke Space

Most of us have a space in our homes where we like to smoke. Whether this space is for socialising or if it’s just for solo comfort the decor, furniture, music and all the other little bits and pieces will make or ruin your smoking experience. Are you an electro smoker? A boho stoner chick? A young professional just trying to relax at the end of the day? Luckily no matter what your vibe there are a few things that your smoking space needs to have. Let’s have a look at all the finishing touches your weed den needs.

We all know that how you decorate your space will change how you feel in it. Comfort tends to come from cushions, soft couches, soft colours and yellow light. If we want to feel inspired we might want plenty of art, music or instruments lying around. You can really do anything you want with your smoking space, it should reflect you and how you want to feel while you’re unwinding. However, there are just a few must-haves for any smoking den if you want to have a nice time.


No matter where you are smoking you need to make sure there is plenty of ventilation. Sure hotboxing can be a good time, but you likely don’t want it to be your only option. Of course, if you are setting up a beautiful outdoor space this shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you are going for the old school stoner basement you may need a little extra help. If you can do a little bit of editing to the space you might want to pop in an exhaust fan, like the kind you might find in a bathroom. If this isn’t possible then you could also consider an air purifier or smoke eater. Air purifiers will use filters to remove the nasty particles from the air, whereas smoke eaters will charge the particles which fully captures the pollution in the air. Smoke eaters are very often found in professional workshops or anywhere that dangerous chemicals are being used. Make sure that your smoking room doesn’t have an air circulation vent that is connected to the rest of the house, that could end very poorly. Usually, an exhaust fan is the best way to go if possible, or just make sure you have all your windows/french doors open depending where the room is in the house.


How the space looks completely depends on your personal style as I mentioned earlier. Of course, we want to have some lovely posters, paintings, objects and so on around the room. If you want a real classic hippy space then it’s always a good idea to go for pretty wall hangings, although you’ll need to wash them pretty often to stop them stinking of stale weed. Or you might want some psychedelic art, or maybe you just want to keep it minimal. Whatever your style there are a few things that are an absolute must. First of all you need plenty of comfortable seating options. If this is just going to be a space for you it might be fun to go all out on a really amazing comfy sofa or chair that you can really enjoy to the fullest. Or if you are creating a social smoking space you need to think about whether you will need a couple of couches, maybe some bean bags, some lovely big cushions. Comfort when smoking is absolutely key so this is a good area to splurge a little on. If your space is outside you might want to ensure that your cushions, couches, chairs etc are weatherproofed so they don’t go mouldy if they get a little damp. Personally I love a little bit of motion so maybe a comfy rocking chair or, if you can afford it, a hanging chair can be a fantastic addition.


Again this is an extremely important aspect of any smoking space. If you want to foster a comfortable, calm and enjoyable atmosphere, lighting will play a big part. I would recommend some strings of fairy lights, they always add a comfy cosy vibe to a room. Also all other lights should be soft, yellow and if possible in lamp form. Overhead lights can be a little intense and bright white lighting is usually stressful. This goes double for anyone who gets a little bit of sensory overload when they smoke. I would go for a yellowish lamp with a dimmer, that way you can bring it right up for social occasions but right down for just lying back and chilling after a long day.


Sure, sometimes you will only need a bluetooth speaker and a great playlist to enjoy your smoking space. If you are having friends over there won’t be quite as much need for entertainment as you’ll probably be chatting. However, I would say that having a TV connected to a console is a fantastic addition to a smoking room. If you go for a console you have options of playing games alone or as a group which is a great high passtime, and of course if you have an account it can be netflix ready. One of the most fun things to do solo or with friends when high is watch a good film. Honestly, smoking is one of the best ways to truly enjoy these pastimes without worrying about all the nonsense going on in the rest of your brain, or the rest of the world. Make your smoke space a den of possibility, then no matter what mood you’re in you can find something to enjoy. If you are a musician I would certainly bring your instruments into your smoke space, and a few boardgames never go amiss.


Finally, get yourself a snack shelf and a mini fridge to make sure you never end up with the munchies and no food. Having a variety of food and drink in your smoking space is the final touch you need to create the ultimate stoner hangout room.

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