When it comes to exploring the properties of hemp, it is important not to leave our furry friends out of the excitement. More veterinarians are seeing the unique value in CBD pet products, which can be just as useful because pets, like us, have endocannabinoid systems that respond to cannabinoids. At Pure CBD Vapors, we offer a huge selection of CBD products made just for our beloved companions, with ingredients that are gentle on their bodies, appropriate strengths of CBD and lab-testing to verify maximum quality.

We’ll be ranking the best CBD pet brands to help give loving pet owners an idea as to which products they may want to administer to their cats and dogs.

A Quick Word on CBD Pet Products

CBD pet products refer to hemp-infused formulas made just for pets. These products must contain doses of hemp that are appropriate for their smaller sizes, must be free of psychoactive levels of THC compounds which can be dangerous for them, and contain ingredients that are known to be nontoxic to smaller mammals. CBD pet products come in different delivery methods, including treats, tinctures and topicals, all which offer your pet the same properties that the plant provides to us, especially when consumed daily as part of a routine.

#10: The Kind Hemp

The Kind Hemp is not a company that specializes in pet products, but they do offer a fantastic formula in the form of a 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture made specially for furry companions. Conveniently, it comes with a dosage chart according to your pet’s way, so you don’t have to second-guess yourself while administering the right amount of CBD for their daily needs. The formula is completely free of ingredients that are unsafe for cats and dogs, being extremely clean and high in quality overall.

Choose The Kind Hemp Because…

  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • 500mg CBD per 30ml bottle
  • Dosage guide for pet owners
  • Free of harmful or toxic ingredients
  • Great for adding to food or administering sublingually

#9: Hemplucid

Pet owners cannot get enough of the CBD tinctures from Hemplucid, formulated with pets’ needs in mind while coming in two tasty flavor options: fish and chicken, both of which few pets can resist. Flavored naturally, and containing only natural, organic ingredients, each tincture comes in both 100 and 300mg options so that you can administer the right amount per serving according to your pet’s size and needs. The formulas are free of ingredients deemed unsafe for pets, so that you can feel confident your beloved companion is getting only the best.

Choose Hemplucid Because…

  • Chicken and fish flavors
  • 100mg and 300mg options
  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • Clean, nontoxic ingredients
  • Easy to administer

#8: Eco Sciences

While Eco Sciences is another brand that primarily focuses on CBD for humans, it can’t be denied that their EcoPets formula is one of the best out there, as the brand puts all of their effort into making sure that each product they release on the market is simply one of the best of its kind. EcoPets is a CBD oil made specially for dogs, with a naturally derived peanut butter flavor that no canine can resist. The 30ml bottle contains 1800 milligrams of hemp extract, alongside MCT oil and flavoring, with no added ingredients.

Choose Eco Sciences Because…

  • Dog-friendly peanut butter flavor
  • Natural, simple ingredients
  • 1800mg per bottle
  • Verastile
  • Easy to administer

#7: Jolly Green Oil

Yet another popular CBD company who has released a pet formula is JGO, with their CBD Oil for Dogs, offering a 250mg strength per 30ml bottle. This particular formula combines THC-free CBD isolate with MCT oil, with no added ingredients. MCT oil is a coconut derivative that is pet-friendly. It can be administered under the tongue or added to their dinner to ensure that their bodies get nothing but pure, clean and lab-tested cannabidiol to work with their endocannabinoid systems as part of a daily regimen.

Choose Jolly Green Oil Because…

  • 250mg per bottle
  • THC-free
  • CBD isolate
  • No additives or fillers
  • Unflavored

#6: Koi CBD

Koi CBD, also known as Koi Naturals, has put together a small collection of pet-friendly CBD products in two useful forms: topical and edible. Their topical spray contains gentle ingredients that are safe to lick off, while ensuring that the cannabidiol makes contact with and absorbs through the skin without making a mess or leaving their fur greasy or sticky. With 500mg per bottle, it’s a perfect choice for more localized needs. Meanwhile, their 25mg Soft Chews contain full spectrum hemp extract, with a consistency perfect for dogs with sensitive oral health. The natural chicken flavor keeps them coming back for more.

Choose Koi CBD Because…

  • Two great formulas
  • Pet-friendly ingredients
  • Natural flavoring
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • User-friendly

#5: Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp has so many unique products in their catalog that it’s no surprise they offer plenty of formulas for pets. Their CBD Dog Treats are particularly popular, with a THC-free hemp extract paired with real salmon flavoring rich in nutrients and irresistible in flavor. Meanwhile, they offer two tincture formulas: a 250mg tuna-flavored option for cats, and a bacon-flavored option for dogs, which comes in three individual milligram strengths. All of these products are made with only natural, pet-safe ingredients to ensure that your cat or dog’s needs are being met in every way possible.

Choose Blue Moon Hemp Because…

  • Pet-friendly ingredients
  • Natural formulas
  • Delicious flavors
  • Variety of options
  • Active levels of CBD

#4: Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs has introduced a number of pet formulas into their selection, along with a bundle for pet lovers who want to save money while grabbing multiple products at once. Their Perfect Paws Hemp Oils come in beef, chicken and salmon flavors, broken down into two formulas for cats and dogs, with appropriate milligram strengths for their bodies. Their Paw Butter is an all-natural balm that uses CBD as the active ingredient to restore the dry skin on paw pads, and the brand even offers CBD-infused pet shampoo and conditioner, as well as delicious treats infused with nothing but the best hemp.

Choose Hemp Bombs Because…

  • Lots of targeted formulas
  • Natural, nontoxic ingredients
  • Money-saving bundle
  • Flavors that cater to pets’ tastes
  • Organic hemp

#3: Hempzilla

Hempzilla has applied their renowned meticulous approach to their line of CBD pet products, with species-specific products in various formulas to satisfy just about any pet owner and their furry friend. For dogs, they offer THC-free CBD dog treats infused with lemon balm, chamomile, and tryptophan, as well as a delicious bacon-flavored tincture formula and a special treat formula for dogs’ joints and muscles. For cats, there’s a delectable salmon-flavored tincture with a feline-appropriate strength of 150mg per bottle.

Choose Hempzilla Because…

  • Dog and cat formulas
  • Targeted formulas for dogs
  • Natural ingredients
  • Great flavor options
  • Easy to administer

#2: Green Garden Gold

GGG has put a lot of effort into making their mark on the CBD pet scene with highly advanced formulas for canines, specifically. Doggy Be Good is their line of dog treats infused with lab-tested CBD and dog-friendly ingredients, in both hard biscuit and soft chew form. THC-free, these products are made with dogs’ needs in mind, while considering their flavor preferences as well. There’s also the Doggy Be Good CBD Drops, offering a CBD oil formula with 180 milligrams of THC-free per bottle, and a clean list of ingredients that are gentle on canines’ bodies, making it great for daily administration as a tincture or a food additive.

Choose Green Garden Gold Because…

  • Variety of dog-friendly options
  • Flavored naturally
  • Clean ingredients
  • THC-free
  • Easy administration

#1: Perfect Paws Hemp

Perfect Paws Hemp has something for every pet on the planet, with a wide array of topicals, shampoo and conditioning products, tinctures, and treats. As you’d expect, they’re all made with clean ingredients, natural flavoring, and THC-free hemp extract to give your pet everything they could ask for. These formulas are easy to administer and made specially to appeal to your pet’s senses. Great for maintaining a daily routine with, and you can even grab a bundle that supplies you with multiple delivery methods and formulas while saving you money.

Choose Perfect Paws Hemp Because…

  • Wide array of formulas
  • Natural flavoring
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Appropriate strengths for different dogs’ needs
  • Clean ingredients

Give Your Pet the Best at Pure CBD Vapors!

At Pure CBD Vapors, work with only the most trustworthy and transparent companies. This is to ensure that each pet product is one of the finest on the market. We go to great lengths to check for lab-testing and traceability. Why? So that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re getting a product that’s high-quality enough for your pet’s needs. That being said, all of the pet CBD products you can find on the website are made with meticulous care and superb quality standards to give your furry friend the absolute best.

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