Did you know that CBD comes in many forms? In fact, one of those main forms that people like to enjoy their hemp in would be gummies and other types of edibles. These ingestible CBD products offer hours of effects within the body. All, while being easy to portion out and extremely enjoyable to consume. Edibles in general are so popular that here at Pure CBD Vapors, we’re practically bursting at the seams with fruity gummies, refreshing beverages, and more! That being said, it can be hard to know which edibles are the right addition to your daily routine, but hopefully, this list of the best CBD brands that carry should help.

A Quick Word on CBD Gummies and Edibles

CBD edibles are any products that are ingested, with gummies being the most popular type of edible on the market. This category also includes beverages, which offer faster-acting properties due to being water-soluble. What all edibles share in common is that they can offer effects for up to 8 hours. And, not only that, but also provide gentle, widespread properties throughout the body while tasting great.

#10: Hemplucid

Hemplucid is one of the most innovative brands out there, constantly formulating exciting products that introduce cannabinoids into the body with advanced ingredients and techniques. Among their most popular products is their CBD Gummy Cubes, offering top-shelf full spectrum hemp extract to promote the entourage effect, while bursting with fresh and juicy fruit flavor. Never too sweet, and never artificial-tasting, these gummies hit the spot in more ways than one and contain 25 milligrams per piece so that each serving provides you with a generous amount of the cannabinoids and terpenes that you’re looking for.

Choose Hemplucid Because…

  • Full spectrum hemp
  • 25mg per piece
  • Juicy fruit flavor
  • Two quantities available
  • Clean ingredients

#9: Eco Sciences

Eco Sciences never fails to come up with extremely unique formulas that go above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from the CBD industry. This company uses advanced technology to deliver hemp into the body in highly innovative and particularly effective ways, resulting in exceptional bioavailability that leads to more satisfying experiences overall. Their EcoShots are a great example of this, using science to ensure higher levels of effectiveness. They come in two formulas: Chill Relaxation and Focused Energy, each containing one ounce of a delicious formula that tastes like fruit juice, while containing a blend of THC-free broad spectrum hemp extract (25mg, to be exact) and zero calories. The latter formula is enhanced with B vitamins to provide a natural boost to the system. And, because the product is water-soluble, it can absorb into the body more efficiently for more bioavailability.

Choose Eco Sciences Because…

  • Highly bioavailable beverage formulas
  • Two distinctive formulas to choose from
  • 25mg per shot
  • THC-free broad spectrum hemp
  • Great fruity flavor

#8: Active CBD Oil

Looking for CBD edibles that contain only pure CBD isolate? If so, then Active CBD Oil is a great brand to explore. They offer two types of gummies: their standard fruit Jumbo Gummies, containing 9 milligrams of CBD per piece, and their Sour Gummies, with 15 milligrams per piece. Because it’s CBD isolate in the formula, these gummies have zero plant-like taste, and contain no THC or terpenes. They’re free of fillers and additives, providing excellent purity levels that lead to great results.

Choose Active CBD Oil Because…

  • THC-free CBD isolate
  • No plant taste
  • Two distinctive formulas
  • 9mg or 15mg per serving
  • Filler-free

#7: CBD For The People

Few brands prioritize bioavailability like FTP. This is a company known for their use of dark, unrefined hemp extracts which provide a more effective entourage effect and higher potency and purity levels. The brand offers two distinctive types of edibles: their Noids gummy formula, and their Hemp Tea, containing a citrus and hemp-infused green tea in the form of individual tea bags. Both of these formulas are easy to incorporate into a daily routine, boasting only the best full spectrum hemp extract. The gummies come in a variety of flavors and milligram strengths for a fully personalized regimen.

Choose CBD For The People Because…

  • Tea and gummies available
  • Different strength and flavor options (gummies)
  • Unrefined hemp for higher purity and bioavailability
  • Delicious flavor
  • Full spectrum

#6: Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a standout for anyone seeking out gummies that taste as good as they feel. This brand has released a variety of gummy formulas in different strengths to enjoy, and has a sleep gummy formula infused with melatonin that’s perfect for nighttime. Their gummies are renowned for being explosively flavorful, bursting with fresh, fruity deliciousness that captivates the taste buds with each serving. Their generous selection ensures something for everyone.

Choose Hemp Bombs Because…

  • Big flavor
  • Sleep formula available
  • Large quantities available
  • Allergen-free
  • Different strengths available

#5: Koi CBD

Legendary CBD brand Koi has added a number of edible formulas to their lineup. Each one has something unique to offer to anyone’s routine. Their original CBD Gummies contain THC-free broad spectrum hemp extract, with 10 milligrams per piece, and a delicious berry lemonade flavor. Their Nighttime Rest formula offers a blend of melatonin and hemp extract, while their Hemp Shots act as highly bioavailable beverage shots that come in a variety of flavors, with 25 milligrams per serving. Meanwhile, all of their formulas are free of fillers, other unwanted ingredients, and offer a flavor experience that never fails to satisfy.

Choose Koi CBD Because…

  • Variety of formulas available
  • Sleep formulas
  • Delicious flavor
  • Perfect daily milligram strength amounts per serving
  • Different flavor options

#4: Jolly Green Oil

JGO figured out a long time ago that gummy lovers want selection when it comes to flavor, which is why they offer a nice variety of gummy options that all contain the brand’s signature hemp extract along with a variety of top-notch ingredients. Gummy worms, peach rings, sour watermelon slices and more can all be found when exploring this premium brand’s offerings, and they also offer a Party Pack that provides a mixed bag of different flavors so that each and every day offers a new experience to the palate.

Choose Jolly Green Oil Because…

  • Big variety of classic gummy flavors
  • 1500mg per jar
  • Free of fillers
  • Carefully sourced flavoring ingredients
  • Assorted bag available

#3: Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp is a big player in the hemp business. They offer a seemingly endless variety of top-quality CBD products for us to enjoy. Their selection of gummies is particularly generous. Why? Their various formulas including original CBD Gummies, Sugar-Free CBD Gummies, and Sleep Gummies with Melatonin (combine cannabidiol and this natural sleep hormone to act as the perfect bedtime choice). Available in various quantity options, with 10mg per serving, these gummies always do the trick, providing you with hours of hemp activation within the body while serving up some truly tasty flavor.

Choose Blue Moon Hemp Because…

  • Sugar-free option
  • Sleep option
  • 10mg per piece
  • Excellent flavor
  • THC-free

#2: Hempzilla

Hempzilla has really gone above and beyond to offer a huge variety of options for anyone seeking out a daily routine with edibles. Their lineup of gummies is extremely impressive, offering both vegan and nonvegan options in various milligram strengths and quantities, not to mention flavors including sour gummies, nighttime gummies, honey sticks and more. Then, there’s their CBD Shot, a water-soluble beverage shot that absorbs into the body in a highly bioavailable way for faster and stronger effects. Overall, they work hard to ensure that they have an edible formula to satisfy just about everyone, while never skimping on flavor, quality, or ingredients.

Choose Hempzilla Because…

  • Lots of formulas available
  • Different flavors and strengths
  • Vegan option
  • Excellent flavor overall
  • High-potency options

#1: Green Garden Gold

GGG has always maintained serious integrity in the hemp industry, with an emphasis on clean ingredients and carefully maintained extraction methods. Their edibles are huge sellers and for good reason. They all contain additive-free formulas that are gentle on the body, while supplying some of the best hemp in the world to the system. We love their CBD Wildflower Honey, with 200mg in each bottle, along with their Yummy Gummies containing 15mg of THC-free broad spectrum hemp. They use Colorado-grown organic hemp for all of their products, meaning that the formulas are free of pesticides, all while boasting a sensational taste.

Choose Green Garden Gold Because…

  • Gummies and honey available
  • Clean ingredients
  • Local, organic hemp
  • THC-free broad spectrum hemp extract
  • Active milligram strengths per serving

Satisfy Your Edible Cravings with These Stellar CBD Brands!

As you scope out this selection of CBD edibles, you’ll find that Pure CBD Vapors carries only the most trusted names in the hemp industry. All of these brands and more have worked hard to earn reputations for delivering premium products, through transparency, traceability, and rigorous third-party testing practices. As a result, our company is proud to say that this awesome inventory of edibles will satisfy new and existing CBD users alike.

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