CBD oil is one of the most sought-after types of hemp products available, most commonly consumed in the form of a tincture, but equally useful as an additive for foods and even topical applications. It’s a pretty straightforward product with minimal ingredients, but that hasn’t stopped a growing number of CBD Oil brands/manufacturers from putting their own unique spin on this type of product to offer more satisfaction to consumers.

At Pure CBD Vapors, we carry an enormous selection of CBD oils from various companies on the industry. With so many different brands competing for your attention, it can be hard to know which oil product is best for your unique needs and goals. So, we made it easier with this best of the best CBD oil/tincture list.

A Quick Word on CBD Oil

CBD oil is a relatively basic formula with hemp extract diluted in a carrier oil and comes in a wide array of milligram strengths and often flavors as well. It’s usually taken as a tincture so that it can absorb through the sublingual tissue for effects that can occur in around 30 minutes, lasting for several hours at a time. Also comes with a dropper cap that makes portioning ultra simple.

#10: Active CBD Oil

Active CBD Oil is a widely celebrated brand that is known for their unique attention to detail which allows them to create numerous innovative products. Their CBD oils are consistently rated highly among customers and offer a variety of formula options to address different goals, needs and preferences. Offering both broad spectrum and CBD isolate options, their tinctures come in various flavors and milligram strengths, while some of them also boast water-soluble formulas that absorb more readily into the body to maximize the impact of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Choose Active CBD Oil Because…

  • Flavor options
  • THC-free
  • Water-soluble formulas available
  • Different strength options
  • Combined with MCT oil

#9: Eco Sciences

EcoDrops and other tinctures from Eco Sciences utilize some of the most advanced technology in the hemp industry to formulate top-notch oils that are fully capable of delivering the desirable properties of hemp in a sublimely bioavailable way. With a line of terpene-infused options catered to different daily needs, along with Rix Mix, a formula that doubles as a vape oil additive, and more, they truly go above and beyond to innovate new and highly useful offerings to the market. They work with only natural ingredients, and their formulas come in various strength options.

Choose Eco Sciences Because…

  • Variety of formulas
  • Effect-specific options
  • Full spectrum available
  • Numerous strengths
  • Clean Ingredients

#8: cbdMD

cbdMD has taken a unique approach to crafting their hemp products, providing formulas specifically developed for individual needs. This applies to their tinctures as well, which come in the form of standard and sleep formulas, with the latter boasting melatonin and soothing botanicals that enhance our bedtime rituals. The brand uses broad spectrum hemp extract that’s rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, but free of THC, and dilutes it in MCT oil with no unnecessary additives or fillers. Best of all, their tincture formulas come in a generous array of flavors and an even larger variety of milligram strengths.

Choose cbdMD Because…

  • Great flavor selection
  • Many strength levels available
  • Standard and sleep formulas
  • Clean ingredients
  • THC-free broad spectrum hemp extract

#7: Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is yet another leader in the industry, known for their highly imaginative products. Their tinctures utilize the best THC-broad spectrum hemp extract that they could develop from organic plant material. These formulas are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes that work together harmoniously, and offer low dosage amounts of 125 milligrams per 30ml bottle, which is great for those who want milder amounts each day. Best of all, they come in various flavor options that each leave you licking your lips, like Orange Creamsicle, Peppermint, or Watermelon.

Choose Hemp Bombs Because…

  • THC-free broad spectrum hemp
  • Great flavor selection
  • Low potency for milder needs
  • Clean formula
  • Available as a bundle

#6: Koi Naturals

Koi CBD has been a major player in the hemp game for a while, as they were one of the earliest brands to rise to success. They are still considered one of the best out there, and their tincture formulas have nearly unbeatable value. These tinctures utilize the brand’s Prizm blend of THC-free broad spectrum hemp that contains active levels of CBD, CBN, CBDV, and CBG for a more comprehensive hemp experience alongside a plethora of desirable terpenes. Available in great flavors like peppermint and strawberry, along with different milligram strengths, they have something for everyone.

Choose Koi Naturals Because…

  • Advanced blend of active cannabinoids
  • THC-free
  • Various strength options
  • Delicious flavors to choose from
  • Premium, clean ingredients

#5: Jolly Green Oil

JGO has put enormous effort into offering a CBD oil for just about every hemp enthusiast out there. They offer different tincture lines for those seeking out either full spectrum or THC-free formulas, along with a rich array of strengths to choose from. More recently, JGO added an ashwagandha-infused oil into their lineup. This brand always relies on natural, clean ingredients like MCT oil that are gentle on the body and great for daily consumption.

Choose Jolly Green Oil Because…

  • Different hemp extracts available
  • Variety of strengths
  • Clean, plant-based formulas
  • Ashwagandha-infused formula available
  • Diluted with MCT oil

#4: Blue Moon Hemp

One of the most recognizable names in the industry is Blue Moon Hemp, lauded for their consistent quality standards and broad selection of user-friendly CBD goods. Their line of tinctures checks all of the boxes, with only the finest organic THC-free CBD extract cold-pressed and enhanced with nanotechnology to be water-soluble, thus greatly enhancing its bioavailability. These tinctures come in many strength options, ranging from 500mg to 3000mg per bottle, with a generous flavor selection to choose from as well.

Choose Blue Moon Hemp Because…

  • THC-free
  • Huge strength variety
  • Great flavors
  • Clean ingredients
  • Water-soluble

#3: Hempzilla

Yet another big name in the hemp business is Hempzilla, and they offer some of the most exceptional CBD oils on today’s market. These advanced formulas include a CBD + CBN option for sleep, a tincture featuring the legendary sativa Lifter strain and a variety of flavored formulas to satisfy our taste buds, all while offering numerous milligram strength options to accommodate a broad range of daily needs, along with THC-free oils for those who wish to avoid this compound completely. The ingredients are all natural, including the flavoring extracts, to promote a clean, holistic experience.

Choose Hempzilla Because…

  • Huge selection of oil formulas
  • THC-free options
  • Excellent flavors
  • All-natural
  • Lots of strengths to choose from

#2: CBD For The People

FTP has changed the way in which we experience the hemp plant with their dark and unrefined hemp oils that skip the purification processes which dilute the potency and bioavailability of the plant material. The result is very strong tinctures that have superior purity levels along with bold hemp flavor. Whether you go with their full spectrum or CBD isolate options, you can select from a staggering array of strains as well as milligram strengths that go up to 2400mg per 30ml bottle. The brand uses only hemp extracts and MCT oil to keep each formula clean and free of unnecessary ingredients.

Choose CBD For the People Because…

  • Unrefined hemp extracts for higher bioavailability
  • Huge strain selection
  • CBD isolate and full spectrum options
  • Generous strength range
  • Free of additives

#1: Nature’s Script

CBD Oil from Nature’s Script is rated among the best on the market. How? Well, in terms of purity, selection, and overall effectiveness, not to mention flavor it is. Many people have found that this is the perfect formula for daily use, offering a powerful serving of cannabidiol available in a huge variety of strengths, from 300mg to 5000mg per bottle, alongside a great choice of flavor options like Chocolate Mint, Orange Creamsicle, Acai Berry, and many more! The hemp itself is carefully sourced from experienced organic farmers who work hard to yield the best crops possible. Meticulous extraction and purification methods are employed to ensure that the end result is as clean, bioavailable, and effective as can be.

Choose Nature’s Script Because…

  • Generous flavor selection
  • 300 to 5000mg strength options
  • Clean and pure
  • Free of unnecessary additives
  • Organically grown hemp

Explore These Exceptional CBD Oil Brands Today!

At Pure CBD Vapors, we’ve developed a reputation for offering only the finest hemp products on the market, while our catalog is absolutely dazzling in its variety of CBD formulas. We carry seemingly countless CBD Oil Brands and products in the industry, and we go through a careful selection process to ensures that the brands we work with use only the most exceptional extraction methods, maintain strict quality control and routinely test their hemp extracts for quality and purity levels. When scoping our selection, you’ll find CBD oils in all kinds of milligram strengths, formulations, flavors, and more!

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