Most hemp enthusiasts are familiar with Swiss Relief, a brand that has consistently proven that they really care about customers’ needs with a wide variety of formulas targeted toward delivering the finest hemp compounds and cleanest ingredients possible. At Pure CBD Vapors, we carry this manufacturer’s many celebrated formulas, and these ones in particular continue to dazzle our customers.

First, About Swiss Relief

This is a company committed to delivering the cleanest, purest, and most bioavailable formulas possible, with an emphasis on holistic formulations that are gentle on the body yet uniquely effective, relying on mother nature’s finest derivatives. The company offers all kinds of delivery methods and milligram strengths so that users can cater their routines to address their most advanced daily needs.

#5: Swiss Relief CBD Gel Caps

Swiss Relief CBD Gel Caps are some of the cleanest on the market, containing only 25 milligrams of cannabidiol, MCT oil, and no added ingredients of any kind. Pure CBD isolate extract offers a higher concentration of cannabidiol while being free of THC along with other naturally occurring compounds in the plant. Since it contains no terpenes, there is no aftertaste, yet the CBD alone is capable of delivering a wide variety of useful properties to the body. Not to mention, they can be taken at any time of the day really. This company uses CBD that’s organically grown in the United Stated. Using sustainable hemp farms in Kentucky, it’s CO2 extracted.

Choose Swiss Relief 25mg CBD Gel Caps Because…

  • THC-free CBD isolate
  • 25mg per capsule
  • Easy to take
  • Clean, minimal ingredients
  • Gentle on the gut

#4: Swiss Relief CBD Oral Spray

Are you searching for a way to experience CBD in a quick but still efficient way? Well, one of the most advanced formulas from them is their CBD Oral Spray, with 120mg THC-free CBD isolate delivered in a highly bioavailable way. This spray is administered to the oral tissue, which allows it to take effect quickly and powerfully while still being generally easy on the body. Comes in a variety of formulas (D-Overwhelm Chocolate Mint, Keto-Blast Caramel Mint, Max-Energy Chocolate Mint, Multivitamin Cinnamon Mint, Sleep Mint, and Super-Sex Cinnamon Mint), each with their own flavor and targeted effects that come from the use of different plant derivatives.

Choose Swiss Relief CBD Oral Spray Because…

  • Uniquely bioavailable delivery method
  • Variety of targeted formulas available
  • Excellent flavor selection
  • 120mg per spray
  • Natural ingredients

#3: Swiss Relief CBD Oil Tincture (Berry / Mint / Pure)

Swiss Relief CBD Oil Tinctures are uniquely bioavailable and incorporate nanotechnology in order to be water-soluble. This means they absorb into the body more efficiently, allowing for faster-acting and higher potent effects. Each oil consists of pure CBD isolate combined with naturally derived MCT oil and natural flavoring. Simply choose from a broad range of milligram strengths to maintain control over the potency of each daily serving.

Choose Swiss Relief CBD Oil Tincture (Berry / Mint / Pure) Because…

  • Great flavor options
  • Generous mg variety
  • Clean, minimal ingredients
  • THC-free CBD isolate
  • Easy to dose

#2: Swiss Relief CBD Gummies

Swiss Relief’s CBD Gummies go above and beyond to satisfy our daily needs by coming in a wide array of formulas, each combining cannabidiol with a distinctive nutrient or nutrient blend while coming in various flavors that satisfy the taste buds. Each formula contains a total of 250mg pure CBD isolate, while the overall recipe is sugar-free and contains only naturally sourced ingredients that are easy to digest for maximum absorption into the body.

Choose Swiss Relief CBD Gummies Because…

  • Enhanced with nutrients
  • Many flavor and formula options available
  • 250mg per jar
  • THC-free CBD isolate
  • Natural ingredients

#1: Swiss Relief CBD Salve

Swiss Relief’s CBD Salve is one of the top-selling topicals on the hemp market, and for good reason. With 125mg pure hemp extract per ounce, it’s potent enough to deliver the results you’re looking for, with a clean formula consisting of naturally derived ingredients that are gentle on the skin. This salve moisturizes the skin while the cannabinoids work deep below the surface to introduce their properties to the joints and muscles. Meanwhile, the formula comes in three options: Pure (no added active ingredients), Limonene (a naturally occurring hemp terpene), and Eucalyptus (a cooling agent derived from nature).

Choose Swiss Relief CBD Salve Because…

  • Nice formula options
  • 125mg CBD per ounce
  • Fast-absorbing and non-greasy
  • Natural ingredients
  • Non-irritating

Find Hemp Bliss and Bliss with Swiss Relief!

Swiss Relief and Pure CBD Vapors are aligned on the overlaying principle that not all CBD is equal. That is why we carry these celebrated products from Swiss Relief so that you can begin a targeted routine based on your most specific CBD-related needs and goals. Explore these products and more to find out the full extent of what Swiss Relief has to offer.

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