Jolly Green Oil is one of our favorite brands and it is easy to see why. This brand offers a rich selection of lab-tested, carefully formulated products in all kinds of delivery methods. Many of them even being highly innovative and simply not available anywhere else. Now, even though we carry a huge array of products from this celebrated company, these are just some of their best products you have got to try!

First, About Jolly Green Oil

Did you know that Jolly Green Oil is a highly sought-after hemp brand that specializes in unique formulations and cannabinoid selections? Well, now you do, as they satisfy a wide array of hemp-related desires. JGO offers top-shelf CBD in all kinds of delivery methods, in addition to delta 8 and now delta 10, the latest cannabinoid to hit the shelves. Being dedicated to using only the most carefully sourced ingredients shows, Even hemp material that they work with comes from organic farmers. Overall, their products are made with customers’ needs in mind.

#10: Jolly Green Oil CBD for Dogs

If your precious pooch could use a daily serving of cannabidiol, JGO’s CBD for Dogs is a great choice. Formulated with dogs’ needs in mind, this tincture contains ingredients that are known to be gentle on their bodies, and completely naturally derived. Its 250mg concentration is ideal for most breeds, and you can experiment with serving amounts based on guidance from your vet. Consisting only of CBD isolate and MCT oil, it’s the perfect addition to any dog’s routine, being THC-free and unflavored so that it can be administered easily in a number of ways.

Choose Jolly Green Oil CBD for Dogs 250mg Because…

  • 250mg per bottle
  • THC-free CBD isolate
  • Minimal, dog-friendly ingredients
  • Versatile
  • Flavorless

#9: Bio Delta 10 THC Flower

One of the most unique products in Jolly Green Oil’s catalog is their delta 10 flower, Available in two sizes, it offers a particularly versatile and bioavailable way to experience the effects of delta-10, a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid similar to delta 8 in its potency yet potentially more uplifting. The flower is pure, raw, and organic. Not to mention, the overall product contains zero added ingredients for a pure hemp experience rich in all of the naturally occurring compounds that your body know and loves. Flower can be smoked, vaped, or even turned into edibles, and it arrives fresh and full of terpene-rich flavor.

Choose Bio Delta 10 CBD Flower Because…

  • Raw flower buds naturally full spectrum
  • Infused with pure delta 10 THC
  • Two sizes available: 3.5g or 7g
  • Additive-free
  • Versatile

#8: JGO Sublingual CBD Oil Tinctures

JGO Sublingual CBD Oil Tinctures comes in two bottles sizes, while offering four different milligram strengths. The extract used is a CBD isolate which is free of THC and therefore more concentrated in terms of its cannabidiol content. Meanwhile, it contains only MCT oil as the remainder of its formula, acting as an ultra-clean option for daily use.

Choose JGO Sublingual CBD Oil Tinctures Because…

  • CBD isolate
  • Travel-friendly 15ml bottle
  • Clean ingredients
  • Diluted in MCT oil
  • Easy to administer

#7: JGO CBD Vape E-Juice

If you love vaping CBD but want to continue using your favorite refillable vaping system, then this vape juice is the way to go. Each 30ml bottle contains 625 milligrams of pure CBD isolate, which is THC-free and terpene-free, simply introducing a hemp-like flavor into the product. The formula allows you to blow huge, thick clouds, while it comes in a variety of flavor options (Berry Blast, Citrus, Fruity Loopz, and Watermelon) to tickle your taste buds along the way. With an 80/20 VG to PG ratio, it’s great for sub-ohm systems.

Choose JGO CBD Vape E-Juice Because…

  • THC-free CBD isolate
  • 625mg per bottle
  • Great for sub-ohm vaping
  • Excellent flavor selection
  • Conducive to cloud-chasing

#6: Bio Delta 10 Gummy Bears

Another great choice for delta-10 lovers is the Bio Delta 10 Gummy Bears, which introduce this cannabinoid through ingestion for longer-lasting effects that are more balanced between the body and the mind. Before the effects kick in, you can savor the mouthwatering flavor that JGO has managed to pull off, and know that you’re getting only the most authentic, lab-tested delta 10 THC available on the market today.

Choose Bio Delta 10 Gummy Bears Because…

  • 250, 500, and 1000mg available
  • Great flavor
  • Pure, lab-tested delta 10 THC
  • Longer-lasting effects
  • More balanced mind and body effects

#5: JGO CBD Gummy 1500mg

Many of us prefer to take our CBD in gummy form due to the long-lasting effects we achieve when ingesting the cannabinoid, and these gummies from Jolly Green Oil are a great choice for anyone who wants a daily serving of edible cannabidiol. These gummies contain a total of 1500mg of CBD per jar, with a THC-free cannabidiol extract that’s made using advanced extraction methods for maximum purity. Meanwhile, they come in a wide variety of flavors so that you can delight your taste buds while maintaining a solid hemp regimen.

Choose JGO CBD Gummy 1500mg Because…

  • Perfect daily potency level
  • THC-free
  • Great flavor selection
  • No unnecessary additives
  • Long-lasting effects

#4: Jolly Green Oil CBD Pre-Rolled Flower

Smoking raw hemp flower offers a pure and more bioavailable experience with naturally full spectrum CBD, but not all of us have the time or skill to roll our own. JGO’s CBD Pre-Rolled Flower does the hard work for you! How? By offering a conveniently pre-rolled product that can be smoked right out of the package. Comes in a variety of popular strains (Master Kush, OG Kush, Space Candy, and Special Sauce) while the flower is grown organically in Oregon. Each pre-roll contains 2500mg, with the flower rolled in natural, unbleached rice paper that’s easy on the system.

Choose Jolly Green Oil CBD Pre-Rolled Flower Because…

  • No additives
  • Great strain selection
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • 2500mg per pre-roll
  • Unbleached rice paper

#3: Bio Delta 8 THC Gummy Bears

These Bio Delta 8 THC Gummy Bears introduce a uniquely tasty way to experience the effects of delta-8, a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid known for its dazzling properties that are quite distinctive from those of CBD. These gummy bears contain a pure, clean and lab-tested delta 8 distillate that offers the ideal potency level per gummy, with various quantity and milligram strength options available. The flavor is absolutely delightful, and this formula is free of unnecessary fillers and additives.

Choose Bio Delta 8 THC Gummy Bears Because…

  • Different quantities and strengths available
  • Exceptional gummy flavor
  • Long-lasting effects and unique “body high”
  • Pure delta 8 THC distillate
  • Clean formula

#2: Bio Delta 10 Concentrate

Delta 10 may be very new to the market, but there are already plenty of hemp enthusiasts who have tried it in various forms and are ready for something a bit stronger. For those types of delta-10 fans, there is the Delta-10 Concentrate from Bio, offering a powerful blast of the cannabinoid for maximum effects that can be felt within minutes. Available in a generous array of strains (Banana Kush, Lemon OG, Sour Diesel, Sour Space Candy, and Tangerine Haze), this 1g concentrate is perfect for your favorite dabbing setup and has an exceptional flavor due to its high terpene occurrence. *Keep in mind this product is only for experienced users

Choose Bio Delta 10 Concentrate Because…

  • Variety of Strains
  • Lab-Tested
  • High Potency
  • Free of Fillers and Additives
  • A Unique THC Experience

#1: Bio Delta 8 THC Cartridge

This Bio Delta 8 THC Cartridge is a high-quality delta 8 vape cart that’s compatible with any 510-threaded vape device. Plus, it comes in a generous variety of strains (Banana Kush, Lemon OG, Sour Diesel, Sour Space Candy, and Tangerine Haze) so that you can be particular about the effects that you experience from different terpene profiles that naturally occur in hemp. This formula contains only pure hemp extract without any added ingredients, with a 950mg concentration per cartridge. Effects are fast-acting and potent due to the nature of inhaling cannabinoids into the lungs. Not to mention, it’s simple to use as you just attach it to your vape pen with no refilling required.

Choose Bio Delta 8 THC Cartridge 950mg Because…

  • Great strain variety
  • Pure hemp extract with no added ingredients
  • 950mg strength
  • 510 compatible
  • Fast-acting, potent effects

The Real “Greener” Side of Hemp is with JGO!

At Pure CBD Vapors, you can enjoy all of the above products and more from one of the most celebrated brands in the hemp industry. Jolly Green Oil is committed to quality, and no matter which product you choose, experience highly bioavailable forms of your favorite cannabinoids according to your needs and preferences.

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