Eco Sciences, also makers of CBD Drip and Rix Mix, have introduced onto the hemp market some of the most innovative, impressive, and scientifically forward products that CBD enthusiasts have ever seen. Their signature lineups are complete with a rich array of delivery methods, formulations, strengths, etc. So, you will be amazed then with this list of their best of the best products.

First, About Eco Sciences

Eco Sciences has been developing high-end CBD products for several years now. And, from day one, they have put all of their resources into carefully studying the hemp plant’s properties and formulating products that are as bioavailable and generally effective as possible. The brand takes a science-based approach to making their products, using carefully selected extraction methods, and formulating processes to develop hemp products that can help you reach your goals.

#10: ECOSHOTS Chill Relaxation 1oz CBD – Grape Flavor

ECOSHOTS are a revolutionary CBD product that customers just can’t get enough of. This water-soluble grape beverage shot contains 25mg THC-free hemp extract that absorbs into the cells more efficiently for maximum bioavailability, while tasting great enough to enjoy during the process. Containing a full ounce that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time, it’s specially formulated to yield distinctive effects that enable this formula to truly live up to its name.

Choose ECOSHOTS Chill Relaxation 1oz CBD – Grape Flavor Because…

  • Water-soluble for higher bioavailability
  • 25mg per shot
  • Satisfying and refreshing grape flavor
  • Formulated to yield distinctive desirable effects
  • Simple, clean formula

#9: ECOPETS for Dogs 30ml (Peanut Butter) – CBD Oil for Dogs

Yes, Eco Science has even applied their forward-thinking approach to our furry friends. They have formulated one of the most exceptional CBD oils for canines on the market. ECOPETS for Dogs CBD Oil contains hemp extract diluted in MCT oil, at a concentration that contains 60 milligrams per dropper. Not only does the peanut butter flavor ensure that your dog will love this product, but it can also be added to their food or administered below the tongue. Contains only dog-friendly ingredients and is free of GMOs plus other unwanted impurities. These, of course, can interfere with the cleanliness of your canines CBD routine.

Choose ECOPETS for Dogs 30ml (Peanut Butter) – CBD Oil for Dogs Because…

  • Useful in multiple applications
  • 1800mg per 30ml bottle
  • Dog-friendly ingredients
  • Rich peanut butter flavor
  • Clean formula

#8: Rix Mix CBD Drip 10ml (500mg) / 30ml 1500mg

Rix Mix is an incredibly versatile formula that can act as a tincture or a vape juice additive. In fact, it can even work suitably as a topical in a pinch due to its simplified formula consisting only of full spectrum hemp extract diluted in USP grade propylene glycol. Rich in naturally occurring nutrients, terpenes, and cannabinoids, it offers a distinctively high cellular response due to the phenomenal bioavailability the brand has managed to achieve. With the dropper cap, it is extremely easy to utilize as needed throughout the day for precise measurements.

Choose Rix Mix CBD Drip 10ml (500mg) / 30ml 1500mg Because…

  • Full spectrum
  • High bioavailability
  • Vegan
  • No additives
  • Versatile

#7: EcoGels CBD 750mg (25mg per Capsule) 30 Capsules

EcoGels are a great way to incorporate full spectrum hemp extract into your daily routine to maximize the potential of the entourage effect. These gel caps contain 25 milligrams per piece, with 30 capsules total in each bottle. The hemp extract is raw, based on a supercritical CO2 extraction process, and contain only MCT oil in addition to hemp to offer high purity and cleanliness within the formula. The extract is derived from organically grown hemp plant material, and these capsules are easy to take each day along with your daily supplements.

Choose EcoGels CBD 750mg (25mg per Capsule) 30 Capsules Because…

  • 25mg per capsule
  • Raw hemp extract
  • Full spectrum CBD
  • Easy to take
  • Minimal, all-natural ingredients

#6: Airbender JUUL Compatible 200mg Hemp Pod – Original / Lemon Bar

Airbender JUUL Compatible pods are a great option for vapers who want the convenience of using a JUUL system in the CBD world. These pods are designed to be perfectly compatible with a JUUL device, while being completely free of nicotine and containing 200mg of full spectrum hemp extract per pod. Offering up to 250 puffs per cartridge, they contain a full milliliter of pure hemp extract with no flavoring other than that which naturally comes from the terpenes in the plant. Pods are reliable and allow for a portable vaping experience. Plus, you can choose from a variety of quantities based on your vaping habits.

Choose Airbender JUUL Compatible 200mg Hemp Pod – Original Because…

  • Compatible with JUUL device
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • No additives or fillers
  • Easy to use and portable
  • 200mg per pod

#5: ECO Sciences SOCIAL Citrus Ginger 30ml

Another innovative sublingual product from the brand is ECO Sciences’ SOCIAL Citrus Ginger. Comes in a 30ml bottle with a total of 9000mg of hemp extract, and is completely full spectrum (bursting with cannabinoids, terpenes, and other desirable compounds). Consisting solely of hemp extract, natural flavor, and kosher grade propylene glycol (PG), it’s a simple and clean formula that absorbs below the tongue to offer its dynamic properties to the body quickly and efficiently. With its citrus and ginger flavor profile, it’s appealing to the taste buds as well.

Choose ECO Sciences SOCIAL Citrus Ginger 30ml Because…

  • Exceptional potency
  • Clean formula
  • Refreshing and invigorating citrus ginger flavor
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Absorbs quickly into the body

#4: ECOCAPS – 900+mg CBD Total Per Bottle

ECOCAPS are among the most advanced on the market, being derived from organic hemp plant material run through a supercritical CO2 extraction process that retains the full chemical composition of the hemp plant for a full spectrum experience complete with a multitude of cannabinoids, terpenes and more. Powdered using vegetable cellulose, these capsules are extremely bioavailable, absorbing into the body easily for a powerful cannabinoid response. Each capsule contains 30+mg hemp, and the capsule can be opened up to be added to food or drinks if desired.

Choose ECOCAPS – 900+mg CBD Total Per Bottle Because…

  • 30+mg per capsule
  • Highly bioavailable
  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • Can be taken as capsule or powder additive daily
  • Vegan

#3: CBD Drip Eco-Sciences ECODERM Relief Cream + CBD (30ml)

ECODERM Relief Cream was developed in collaboration with baseball legend Frank Thomas to offer a more targeted approach to supplying the deep tissue of the body with active doses of cannabinoids. This topical cream absorbs quickly through the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue and contains about 301 milligrams of activated full spectrum hemp extract, while boasting an invigorating wintergreen scent derived from essential oils.

Choose CBD Drip Eco-Sciences ECODERM Relief Cream + CBD (30ml) Because…

  • Great for targeting localized areas
  • Potent concentration of CBD
  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • Intensively moisturizing
  • Refreshing minty scent

#2: CBD Drip Platinum 58.0+mg CBD 7ml Full Spectrum

CBD Drip’s Platinum formula is an advanced vape additive with a potent, concentrated amount of full spectrum hemp extract in a user-friendly and portable 7ml bottle. Designed to supply any existing e-liquid with a controlled amount of CBD and other hemp compounds, it was made to transform the way in which you experience your daily vaping hobby. It’s mixed with a blend of VG and PG to ensure the perfect e-juice consistency for smooth and abundant vapor production.

Choose CBD Drip Platinum 58.0+mg CBD 7ml Full Spectrum Because…

  • Full spectrum
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Can be added to any e-liquid formula
  • Unflavored
  • Travel-friendly

#1: EcoDrops Dream 10ml (500mg) / 30ml (1500mg) CBD Oil

Eco Science knows how to formulate phenomenal tinctures, and their EcoDrops Dream formula is no exception, with two types of milligram strength formulas, each containing full spectrum hemp per and developed using special plant-based compounds that produce a dreamy experience. Consisting of raw hemp extract made with a supercritical CO2 extraction process, it’s one of the cleanest, purest, and most bioavailable formulas on today’s market.

Choose EcoDrops Dream 1500mg CBD Oil 30ml Because…

  • Full spectrum
  • Raw hemp extract
  • Advanced extraction technique
  • 1500mg per 30ml bottle
  • Clean ingredients

Get Back to Living with Eco Sciences Today!

Eco Sciences is one of the leading companies in the hemp industry, and with these stellar products, you can understand why. Check out all their exceptional CBD formulas and others from the brand at Pure CBD Vapors, where we offer their signature collections in various delivery methods and more!

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