It takes a lot for a company to stand out in an industry as expansive as CBD. But, CBD For the People has proven time and time again that they’re one of the most innovative companies on the market today. With their unique approach to formulating hemp products, FTP has won over countless CBD enthusiasts who value pure, highly bioavailable products. So, if you’re interested in what this company has to offer, check out the best of the best from this awesome company.

First, About CBD For the People

CBD For the People was a gamechanger in the industry with their distinctive formulas revolving around unfiltered, dark, and unrefined hemp extracts, which boast higher purity, potency, and bioavailability levels than a lot of what you’ll find on the market. The brand’s vape cartridges are consistently rated among the best out there, while they have introduced a number of other delivery methods to us over the years.

#10: CBD Flower Pre-Rolls by For the People (7-Pack)

A lot of CBD enthusiasts love what raw flower has to offer in terms of purity and bioavailability, but sometimes loading it up into a pipe or vaporizer, or rolling it into papers, is just too much of a hassle. FTP has introduced their CBD Flower Pre-Rolls to make our lives much easier. Consisting only of pure, raw flower buds, these pre-rolls do the hard work for you so you can sit back, relax and light one up. Each pre-roll contains 0.6 grams of carefully grown, organic flower, and the pack includes a book of matches.

Choose CBD Flower Pre-Rolls by For the People (7-Pack) Because…

  • 7 pre-rolls per tin and matches – doesn’t get any more convenient than that!
  • 0.6 grams of flower per pre-roll
  • Extremely convenient and travel-friendly
  • Top-shelf, organic hemp flower
  • No added ingredients

#9: CBD For the People NOIDS – 2400mg CBD

Leave it to CBD For the People to offer some of the most powerful CBD capsules out there. NOIDS contain nothing but the brand’s signature unrefined, dark and compound-rich full spectrum hemp extract, with 25 milligrams per piece. Capsules are a great way to take hemp daily due to their convenience as well as the long-lasting effects that they provide. These NOIDS are also ideal for those who love potent CBD products but want to bypass the taste of the plant.

Choose CBD For the People NOIDS – 2400mg CBD Because…

  • Easy to take
  • 25mg per piece
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Unrefined and extremely pure
  • Long-lasting effects

#8: CBD For the People Hemp Tea 27% CBD Green Tea – 500mg Hemp per (7 Bags)

One of the more unique products from the brand is their CBD green tea, combining their signature Wine Widow strain with carefully sourced green tea leaves infused with lemon and ginseng. Not only is this tea phenomenally tasty, but it introduces hemp into the body through a water-soluble means to absorb more efficiently into the system. Each teabag provides you with the perfect daily amount of full spectrum hemp rich in terpenes, cannabinoids and more, with 7 bags total per box.

Choose CBD For the People Hemp Tea 27% CBD Green Tea Because…

  • Full spectrum hemp
  • 27% CBD concentration
  • 7 bags per box
  • No additives
  • Green tea infused with lemon and ginseng

#7: For The People CBD Oil Isolate Tincture

For The People CBD Oil Isolate Tincture is one of the strongest CBD tinctures on the market, and certainly the strongest one we offer here at Pure CBD Vapors. This 30ml bottle comes in three different milligram strengths, with the extract being completely unrefined and unfiltered. The CBD oil work effectively as an oil or a tincture. And if that all wasn’t enough, it comes in a huge selection of strains.

Choose For The People CBD Oil Isolate TinctureBecause…

  • Super high potency level
  • Pure, unrefined and highly bioavailable
  • No fillers or additives
  • Huge variety of strain options
  • Easy to administer

#6: CBD For the People Unrefined Salve – CBD Rub

CBD For the People’s topical slave is unlike any other, with a noticeably dark color that comes from the lack of processing for which the brand has become known, yielding higher purity, potency, and bioavailability levels along with a more diverse selection of desirable hemp compounds. The salve comes in a variety of natural aromas and two distinctive milligram strengths, while acting as the perfect daily topical with all-natural, plant-based ingredients that simultaneously hydrate the skin and infuse the deep tissue with cannabinoids, terpenes and more.

Choose CBD For the People Unrefined Salve – CBD Rub Because…

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Absorbs quickly with long-lasting effects
  • Great for localized administration
  • Pure, potent, dark full spectrum hemp extract
  • Selection of scents and strengths

#5: CBD For the People Gummy Noids

FTP’s line of gummies have become hugely popular among those who prefer to eat their hemp in the form of tasty gummy edibles. Available in three distinctive flavors and milligram strengths, these Gummy Noids contain the brand’s famous dark and unrefined full spectrum hemp extract for a more powerful cannabinoid impact throughout the body, all while tasting great with natural ingredients carefully selected from the best sources.

Choose CBD For the People Gummy Noids Because…

  • Generous strength selection
  • Pure, dark, unrefined hemp
  • Full spectrum
  • Great flavor options
  • Long-lasting effects

#4: FTP EliteHEAT Battery Kit

CBD For the People has developed one of the most high-tech yet user-friendly devices on the market: the FTP EliteHEAT Battery Kit, which offers a travel-friendly 510-threaded vape pen for standard cartridges, while boasting an advanced preheat function that was designed specifically for the brand’s extremely potent cartridges that are prone to crystallization due to their concentrations of cannabinoids. This battery effectively keeps your potent carts liquified so that you don’t have to worry about crystallization any longer. Variable voltage allows you to make output adjustments as needed.

Choose FTP EliteHEAT Battery Kit Because…

  • Advanced preheat function
  • Compatible with high-potency vape carts
  • Durable construction
  • Variable voltage
  • Fast-charging and portable

#3: X2 Uncut CBD For the People 375mg or 750mg Vape Kit Set

If you’re looking to buy a complete CBD vaping setup to start exploring the hype surrounding cartridges, this one from CBD For the People is a great way to go. Consisting of a vape cartridge and rechargeable battery device, it gives you everything you need to start vaping your favorite hemp compounds while being user-friendly and portable. Choose from a wide array of strains when selecting your cartridge to fully customize your hemp experience.

Choose X2 Uncut CBD For the People 375mg or 750mg Vape Kit Set Because…

  • Variety of strains
  • Reliable battery device
  • Pure, uncut, unfiltered full spectrum hemp extract
  • Portable setup
  • Easy to use

#2: CBD Flower by For the People 27% Wine Widow

FTP’s CBD Flower offers one of the highest CBD percentages available – 27%, derived from this brand’s exclusive strain, Wine Widow. Available in a number of jar sizes, these raw flower buds contain only pure hemp compounds with no added ingredients, promoting a naturally full spectrum, extremely bioavailable experience that can be explored through vaping, smoking or making your own edibles or extracts from scratch.

Choose CBD Flower by For the People 27% Wine Widow Because…

  • Naturally full spectrum
  • Unique strain
  • 27% CBD
  • Raw and pure
  • Versatile

#1: CBD For the People Uncut CBD Wax Pods Starter Kit – X1 400mg

Without a doubt, one of the most potent CBD products on the market outside of concentrates is this Wax Pods Starter Kit, consisting of pure, unrefined, and dark hemp extract, completely uncut to offer nothing but hemp compounds with each puff. This full spectrum wax vape gives you exceptional bioavailability while being available in a huge variety of strains. It comes with an advanced, compatible battery that’s rechargeable, durable and refreshingly pocket-friendly.

Choose CBD For the People Uncut CBD Wax Pods Starter Kit – X1 Because…

  • Full spectrum
  • No fillers or cutting agents
  • Spectacular potency
  • Raw, unfiltered hemp extract
  • Battery included

For the People, Thanks to the CBD People!

These stellar products and more can all be found at Pure CBD Vapors, where we offer a huge variety of formulas from this absolutely amazing brand. If you wanna try CBD For The People’s innovative, unrefined formulas, you’ll quickly find out what are the Noids is about!

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