CBD is extremely popular in Florida, where residents are finding all kinds of uses for this unique plant compound. For those who may be totally new to this space, cannabidiol comes in an array of forms, including:

  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Capsules
  • Drinkables
  • Vapes

A growing trend, however, is CBD flower, which is also referred to as hemp flower or hemp buds. CBD flower is easy to use, providing you with the raw, natural buds of the hemp plant that can be smoked, vaporized, or even cooked with.

With that said, a lot of Florida residents are not quite sure where they can get it, and whether or not it’s even legal.

Is it Legal to Use CBD Flower in Florida?

In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed which legalized hemp throughout the country under federal law. Up until then, hemp was criminalized along with it the “other” well-known plant, as both belong to the cannabis genus. The Farm Bill determined that both are not the same. Why? Because only marijuana contains an amount of THC that makes the plant psychoactive.

The law states that all hemp products and hemp derivatives are legal as long as they contain a maximum of 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive compound that gets people high. While hemp is now legal federally, some states have banned it, or at least banned certain types of CBD products.

So, what does that mean for Florida?

Well, Florida is a state in which CBD flower is legal, as the state adheres to federal law. This means that the raw buds of the hemp plant, along with all other CBD products, can be purchased, sold, and possessed legally as long as they’re tested to show that they contain a maximum of 0.3% THC.

Good news is that CBD flower can be purchased in any amount, as there are no limits to possession. So, if you’re a Floridian who is excited to try out different flower products on the market, simply stock up at Pure CBD Vapors as you so desire!

Different Types of CBD Flower Available in Florida

CBD flower comes in a wide array of forms based on various factors. Knowing the different types can help you choose the best product for your particular needs.

#1: CBD Flower Comes in Unique Strains

The hemp plant is bred into different strains, with every strain having a specific chemical composition of cannabinoids and terpenes. Each plant compound has different properties, which means that each individual strain can offer slightly different effects. Some strains, for instance, are more suited for bedtime due to their euphoric properties, while others can boost creativity and productivity, making them great daytime options.

#2: Different Formats

Hemp flower comes in two formats: loose buds and pre-rolled.

  • Loose buds come in a jar or pouch and can be easily inserted into a pipe or vaporizer, rolled up in paper or cooked with to produce edibles.
  • Pre-rolls are the hemp flower already rolled up into paper, which allows you to simply take a pre-roll out of the package, light it up and smoke it.

#3: Different Quantities

CBD flower is sold by the gram. So, consider how much you intend to go through each week and buy the right amount for your needs.

How to Ensure You Get Quality Flower

Just because CBD flower is widely available in Florida does not mean that all of it is equally high in quality. There are a few factors you should look for when shopping for hemp buds to ensure you’re getting the best product available.

Factor #1: Lab-Testing

Always buy from a company that has their hemp flower tested by a third-party lab, which gives you information regarding purity levels, composition of chemical compounds, the presence of microbes, and THC levels.

Factor #2: Fresh Hemp Flower

After about six months, the freshness of the flower begins to fade, which means that the chemical compounds like CBD begin to break down and lose their potency. In other words, expired CBD flower may not deliver the effects that you are looking for.

Factor #3: Sourcing

Also, make sure that the company is transparent about how they source their CBD flower. They should tell you what state or country it comes from, and whether or not it’s organic. Organic flower is ideal because it’s grown without pesticides and other potential toxins.

Best Places to Buy CBD Flower in Florida

Now that you know that CBD flower is legal in Florida, let us cover the places from which you can buy the highest-quality options.


If you have a wellness marijuana card, you may be able to find quality CBD flower in dispensaries, which means that it comes from a trusted manufacturer.

Vape Shops

CBD flower may be found in some vape shops throughout the state, as more and more of these businesses are offering hemp products to their customers. Here is where you’ll also likely find vaporizer devices mad specifically for flower.

Buying CBD Flower Online

You can buy CBD flower online and have it shipped legally to your house. You can either buy flower directly from a company that manufactures it, or opt for a distributor that sells a wide variety of top-quality flower products from various trusted companies.

Where to Avoid Buying CBD Flower in Florida

There are some businesses from which you shouldn’t buy your CBD flower.

  • We don’t recommend buying it in gas stations or convenience stores, where the owners of these stores aren’t usually checking for quality and lab-testing.
  • Do NOT purchase CBD flower from unlicensed sources like random people on social media or Craigslist.

The Sunshine State Shines Brightly on CBD Flower

Floridians can legally use CBD flower, as the state sticks to federal law regarding hemp. This means that throughout this state, you can find high-quality flower that can be purchased without fear of legal repercussion. Just make sure to only purchase hemp flower that’s been lab-tested from a legitimate business, such as Pure CBD Vapors.

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