43 CBD Tincture and Salve Review by Leah Johnson at CBD Origin

Today we have a company that took a page out of the skateboarding world with the name of their company 43CBD. My skateboarding friends tell me that the “43” is an old-school trick that’s also known as the No Comply FS180. Then I found 43CBD’s backstory, which you can read on their website. For now, let’s check out the five products we have today! We’ve got three tinctures to try: an unflavored 30mL bottle, a peppermint flavored tincture, and an incredibly unique cinnamon flavor (I never even thought could be a tincture flavor)! We’ll go over some preliminaries first and then review the actual products. Let’s begin!


Salves are one of my favorite forms of CBD because I love how the menthol penetrates my skin and provides immediate relief to my sore muscles. And now with the added CBD, I can glean even more benefits! Both of these salves come in pocket-sized 0.5 oz tins, perfect for on-the-go use and space-saving storage in your pocket, purse, or small bag. The Extra Strength tin contains 150mg of CBD and the Ultra Deep Tissue tin contains 250mg of CBD.

Quality of 43 CBD Salves

The Ultra Deep Tissue salve consists of organic coconut and olive oil, beeswax, non-GMO Vitamin E, and full-spectrum hemp oil. The organic cinnamon, clove, lavender, and rosemary oils help create a soothing scent, while the menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oils work on soothing your sore muscles. The Extra Strength tin ingredient list is made with organic coconut and olive oil, beeswax, non-GMO vitamin E, and full-spectrum hemp oil.

Both of the salve tins are palm-sized and very lightweight. The packaging was plain and simple: an aluminum tin with a sticker on the front that showed the product name and ingredient list. On the back of the tin, there was a sticker that showed the location of manufacturing, a scannable QR code, a warning that this product isn’t regulated by the FDA (no CBD product is, as of yet), THC content (less than 0.3%), and a batch number (which is also the manufacturing date). I liked that the expiration date was listed as being 18 months after the manufacturing date, so it gives you a clear idea of how long you have to use either product.

Lab Testing

I wasn’t able to find lab results for the sample sizes, but the full-size products do indeed have independent lab testing results. You can find that by scrolling down on the site and clicking on the “Lab Results” tab. The link in the description takes you to a page where all of the lab results for the products listed are ready for viewing. Whatever product you click on actually has several batches that you can review the lab results for, which opens a PDF file in a new tab. There’s also a beautiful description of how the hemp plants are cared for and harvested safely and sustainably so make sure to check that out as well! With all of the preliminaries out of the way, now we can review the actual product!


CBD Hemp Oil Salve – Deep Tissue (250mg)

I decided to start out with the Extra Strength one first. The back of my neck happened to be sore today, so I decided to make that my test area. The tin was a little tricky to open since you have to hold it sideways and twist with a very little surface area. The scent of the salve was a strong hemp scent, and I almost thought I was smelling marijuana. Yet when I scooped up a small portion with my nail and held it to my nose, the scent was extremely faint so perhaps it was the container that smelled so strongly. The salve was very smooth and not at all oily. Due to the use of organic beeswax, the texture felt like a combination of lotion and petroleum jelly. It was extremely silky on the back of my neck (I used the right side of my neck for the Extra Strength) and there wasn’t any greasy residue left behind, which was a relief because I have long hair. It took a few minutes to really feel anything, but the salve definitely sunk into my skin and I could feel my tense neck muscles start to relax. I used a very small portion of the salve and I was delighted to feel the salve work so nicely so quickly.


CBD Hemp Oil Salve EXTRA STRENGTH (150mg)

With the experience of the first salve producing such good results, I was eager to try the Ultra Deep Tissue salve next. This salve states that it has menthol, so I was curious to see the difference between the two salves. I unscrewed the top of the tin and used my fingernail to scoop up some of the salve. I noted that the texture for this salve was slightly firmer, resulting in needing to apply a touch more pressure to scoop it out. The scent of this salve had more of a Tiger Balm scent to it, but nowhere near as powerful. I smelled the menthol, the cloves, and a hint of lavender. All in all, it was a pleasant aroma for a salve. I applied the salve to the left side of my neck and immediately felt the menthol start to work. There was a slightly greasy residue for this salve and the menthol is strong, so if you have long hair or you’re using this product in an area that touches clothing, be careful as you’ll definitely notice the menthol scent more.

Ultimately, I loved both of these products. The Ultra Deep Tissue salve was unique in that the menthol was immediately activated upon skin contact, whereas the Extra Strength seemed to take a few minutes to offer relief. Both salves were effective in soothing my sore neck muscles and if I had to be honest, I’d probably use the Extra Strength due to the non-menthol, softer ointment, and less greasy feel. But you can try both samples and see which one you prefer. Now that we’ve reviewed both of the salves, let’s check out the trio of CBD tinctures@


I’ve found that tinctures are some of the most unique forms of CBD because the taste of the tincture determines whether or not I’ll want to use it again. It could be the best CBD on the planet, but if it tastes terrible, I’ll have a hard time making myself use it. These tinctures are recommended for use 1-3 times a day, with 15-25mg a day. You can also add these to your favorite beverage, midday snack, or another food source if you’re not a fan of placing the dropper under your tongue.

Two of these tinctures are available all-year-round, while the cinnamon is actually a seasonal flavor, so you’ll have to check back frequently to see if it’s available. Currently, on the site, there is a Pumpkin Spice tincture flavor that looks absolutely marvelous, and I’m sorely tempted to buy that just to infuse some autumnal CBD into my everyday life. But for now, let’s check out the Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Natural Flavor tinctures that we have today!

CBD Tincture Quality

For the Natural Hemp Flavor, the ingredient list was pretty simple: organic golden hemp seed oil and organic full hemp extract. For the Cinnamon and Peppermint ingredient list, there was the same organic golden hemp seed oil and organic full hemp extract, but there was also organic cinnamon oil and organic peppermint oil, respectively.

43CBD utilizes an ethanol extraction to harness the full potential of their CBD and their use of organic oils really shows that the company believes in using high-quality ingredients in the creation of their tinctures.

The dark glass 30mL bottles are almost identical, save for a few differences. The cinnamon tincture was in a dark glass red bottle, the peppermint tincture was in a dark green glass bottle, and the natural hemp flavor was in a dark black glass bottle. The labels wrapped nearly all the way around the bottle, leaving enough space to see how much tincture you have left. The front of the label displays the 43CBD logo, along with the amount of CBD (1000mg) and the amount of mg per mL (34mg/mL).

The bottom of the label states the tincture flavor in the corresponding flavor’s color. On the right side of the label, there is an FDA disclaimer, an invitation to view the company website (https://www.43cbd.com), a QR code, and manufacturing information. On the left side of the label, you can view the full ingredient list, the suggested usage, and storage recommendations. The entire label is extremely professional and attentive to detail, which reflects very highly of the actual company. One thing that I appreciated was a sticker neatly placed between the label edges that was the batch number (which is also the product’s date of creation. The website recommends that you use the product within 180 days of the manufacturing date, so you have quite a bit of time to use out the tincture before it expires. Now that we’ve gone over each tincture, let’s see how each tincture tastes!

Tincture Lab Reports

Just like the salves, 43CBD provides lab reports for all of their tinctures. Clicking on the Lab Results tab will show a link that you can click to view reports for all of their products. A PDF opens in a new tab so you can scroll through at your leisure without having to go back to the previous page. And that wraps up our preliminary look at the tinctures, so now we can open them up and try out each tincture! Let’s get started!


Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1000mg)

I always like to start out with the natural flavor tincture because it gives you a point of reference to how the flavored tinctures taste. Each tincture came sealed with a plastic seal that was easy to tear off along the perforated edges. I unscrewed the cap and immediately detected the familiar scent of hemp. The hemp smell wasn’t overpowering or bitter and smelled natural and fresh. I squeezed the dropper and noticed that the tincture’s liquid was deep amber, almost brown. But the consistency was smooth and didn’t look lumpy or separated. Using the graduated dropper, I measured out the recommended 0.75mg and placed the tincture under my tongue. I was able to easily hold the tincture under my tongue for a few seconds and noted the smooth flavor was oily, with no added flavor or sweetness. After swallowing, I noticed the faint aftertaste was slightly bitter but not unpleasant, and it also left my throat feeling coated with a light film. The natural flavor was rich with hemp flavor and I appreciated the simplicity of the taste. I’d rate this flavor as an 8 out of 10 for the purity and simplicity of the natural hemp flavor. However, I prefer flavors in my tincture, so I reached for the peppermint flavor next.


Peppermint Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1000mg)

The peppermint-flavored tincture was the same dark amber (almost brown color) as the natural flavor, but the scent was absolutely magical. I felt like I had stuck my nose in a box of candy canes and was instantly nostalgic for Christmas. There was no trace scent of hemp, and I was curious to see if this flavor was as strong as the scent. Again, I measured out the recommended 0.75mg in the graduated dropper and placed it under my tongue. The tincture had a nice cold tingle from the mint and it was just as easy to hold it under my tongue. I felt like I had a little piece of snow under my tongue, due to the mint intensifying the longer I kept it under my tongue. The mint grew stronger still once I swallowed it and I felt the burn of the mint all along my throat and even slightly up my nose! The mint was very strong and it reminded me of the York peppermint patties. Cold and invigorating as a snowboarding day on the slopes! The texture was oily but not slimy, and the mint flavor was a true delight that grew colder with each passing second. I rate this tincture as a 10 out of 10, because the peppermint flavor as well as the cooling sensation was a delight to consume. definitely recommend this to those who like a chilly tingle, and it also doubles as a breath refresher!


Cinnamon Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1000mg)

And now we come to the most intriguing flavor in this trio: the cinnamon flavor! With the peppermint flavor being so deliciously icy, I was curious if the cinnamon would be hot like Big Red gum, or more of a complimentary spiciness (like in air fresheners and desserts). The scent of the tincture was strong and smelled like cinnamon cookies: spicy with a hint of sweetness, but I still couldn’t detect any hemp scent. Once again, the tincture color was a dark amber (nearly brown) and was consistent in texture, just like the natural flavor and the peppermint flavor. I filled up the graduated dropper with the recommended 0.75mg and slowly released it under my tongue. I immediately detected a warm sensation under my tongue that gradually increased to a pleasant heat. It wasn’t as strong as the peppermint, but it was definitely noticeable. I rolled it around in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it and noted that there was a delightful sweetness, just like a cinnamon cookie. But that all changed when I actually swallowed the tincture. The sides of my throat were burning with the cinnamon heat, and it was actually uncomfortable for a few seconds after I swallowed. The heat of the cinnamon was EXACTLY like Big Red gum. While I enjoyed the flavor under my tongue and rolling around my mouth, the burning sensation after swallowing was a bit harsh and definitely surprised me. If you’re an avid lover of cinnamon, you may very well fall in love with the tincture.

Price vs Value


The Ultra Deep Tissue and Extra Strength salves I have are sample sizes that go for $20 and $18, but you can get the full-size 2oz. tins of each salve for $75 and $65 respectively. I didn’t see any discount for recurring purchases, but the site often has promo discounts depending on upcoming holidays, so you can save a little depending on what the site is offering at that time.


Each of the 1000mg tinctures is very well-priced at $80, but you can also get a 500mg for $45, and a whopping 2000mg for $150. Just like with the salves, there wasn’t any discount for recurring monthly purchases, but the site does offer frequent sales that you can save 20% off your entire purchase.

Product Size(s) Price Price Per MG
CBD Hemp Oil Salve – Deep Tissue 250 mg $20.00 $0.08
CBD Hemp Oil Salve EXTRA STRENGTH 150 mg $18.00 $0.12
Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000 mg $80.00 $0.08
CBD Hemp Oil Salve – Deep Tissue
Size: 250 mg
Price Per MG:$0.08
Size: 150 mg
Price Per MG:$0.12
Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1000mg)
Size: 1000 mg
Price Per MG:$0.08


Woohoo, we did it! We made it through this extensive review on two salves and three tinctures. I can honestly say I was impressed with the attention to detail, wholesome ingredients, and incredible quality. 43CBD has done an excellent job with their products and I urge you to check out their website at https://www.43cbd.com for several other products that weren’t in this review. The website has an up-to-date blog that has wonderful articles with accurate information. They even have a section for pet CBD, capsules, massage oils, and much more! I mentioned their About Us section at the beginning of this article and I highly recommend reading that if you haven’t already.

I can recommend 43CBD as an excellent company with high-quality products that worked wonderfully for me. CBD works differently for every individual, so you’ll have to play around with the dosages and CBD levels to see what works for you. But if you’re looking to soothe your aches, and improve your day, you should definitely try out these incredible CBD products from 43CBD.

What are some of your favorite products? Have you tried out any of the products from 43CBD before or after reading this review? Let me know your reaction and experiences in the comments below!

Please note that results and effects discussed above are based on a variety of different factors that could be unique to the individuals who were involved in our reviewal process. With that being said, the results and effects that you experience if you were to try this product may differ and any results or effects discussed above are not guaranteed. The results and effects experienced by our staff and individuals involved with the reviewal process are discussed solely for entertainment purposes and should not be interpreted as medical advice. We highly recommend consulting your physician before trying CBD.

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