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If you’ve ever considered buying CBD products, chances are you want to get it from a company devoted to producing a premium top-shelf product. And chances are you want to know that they know exactly what they’re doing. That’s certainly the case with the company I’m reviewing today: Plant People! This company is so dedicated to delivering high-quality CBD products that they’ve named themselves after their prized possession. While the company website is overflowing with a wide variety of creams, tinctures, capsules, and much more, today I’ll be reviewing two of their most popular capsules and three of their most popular tinctures for a grand total of five products! I’m so excited to share these products with you today, not only because of the immense health benefits but because I’ve never seen products quite like this one. Let’s jump right into the review and see why! We’ll start out with the two CBD capsules and finish with the three CBD tinctures.


We could all use a bit more calmness in our lives, but due to the hectic nature of being an adult, sometimes that’s a lot easier said than done. It’s also probably safe to say that most of us wish we had a better memory. The good people at Plant People produced two different types of capsules crafted to attack both the stress and mental fatigue that our bodies fight every day.

Plant People CBD Capsules Quality

For the Be Calm capsules, the ingredients that formulate the proprietary blend are as follows: Organic Cannabidiol (CBD), Albizia bark and flower (10:1 Ratio Extract), Avena sativa (4:1 Ratio Extract), Ashwagandha (std. 5% Withanolides), Schisandra berry (std. 9% Schisandrins), Holy Basil Leaf (10:1 Extract Ratio), and L-Theanine (99% Extract). For the Stay Sharp couples, the proprietary formula contains the following: Organic Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD), Bacopa Monerri Leaf Extract (std. 20% Bacosides), Cordyceps Extract (10:1 Extract Ratio), Celastrus Seed Extract (10:1 Extract Ratio), Rosemary Extract (std. 10% Carnosic Acid), Gingko Biloba Extract (std. 26% Flavone Glycosides, 6% Lactones), and Rhodiola Root Extract (std. 3% Salidroside) This might seem yawn-worthy and boring, but it’s important to know the ingredients you put in your body to know how they affect your daily life, and whether or not they really make a difference.

Lab Testing

Both of the capsules do offer lab testing results, located in the product description under the tab “ View Our Lab Report.” Clicking that tab will redirect you to a PDF with all the necessary information about that product’s lab report. While there weren’t any specifics about the actual lab testing standards, the company did specify that all of their lab testing is done by a non-affiliated third-party lab, using the highest lab standards available.

CBD Capsule Experience

Both the Stay Sharp and the Be Calm capsules come in a thirty-count, perfect for use throughout the month. The packaging was absolutely adorable: a white box with a gold top, complete with a branch of hemp plants. The front of the package stated the company name, product name, as well as its intended use (Be Calm: to moderate stress and anxiety; Stay Sharp: daily brain performance). On the left side of both boxes, there were badges that confirmed that the products were organically grown, vegan, lab tested and THC-free. There was even a statement that stated, “For every product sold, we plant a tree,” and then a stamp of the American Forests. I was touched to read this and seeing how so many trees are cut down to create paper products, I liked that this was a product that would give back to the environment. But I digress! On the right side of the box, there was just the company mantra “Plants, Power, People” followed by the company website and Instagram handle. The back of the boxes is where the products differed, as the description, ingredient list, and supplement facts were unique to the actual product.

Plant People Be Calm Capsules

Be Calm CBD Capsules

For the first review, I decided to open the Be Calm capsules first. The short and stout glass jar was darkly stained and had a label that wrapped nearly all the way around it. The gold-brushed cap was easy to unscrew, and I noted that there was a styrofoam seal on the jar to confirm that no one had opened it before me. I easily peeled this off and peered inside. The capsules inside were about as large as my thumbnail and extremely lightweight. I noticed that if I gently twisted the capsules, I could have broken it apart and just sprinkled the light tan powder in a beverage for easier consumption. While this may be great for some people who have an aversion to swallowing large capsules, I found the capsule easy to swallow with a small sip of water. There was a very faint herbal flavor on my tongue from the capsule, but it faded after a few moments.

Plant People Stay Sharp Capsules

Stay Sharp CBD Capsules

Next, I opened the Stay Sharp Capsules. I was extremely curious to review these, due to the fact that they claim to help with daily brain functions. Just like the Be Calm Capsules, the glass jar was short, stout, and darkly stained. Once again, the gold-brushed cap easily unscrewed and I was able to quickly peel back the styrofoam seal that keeps the capsules fresh. But whereas the Be Calm capsule powder was a light tan, the Stay Sharp capsule powder was a dark brown, almost like freshly shoveled dirt. The capsule was easily rotated, just like the Be Calm ones, and I noticed that the powder within wasn’t as firmly packed because I could see it shifting within the capsule. The capsule was easily swallowed with a swig of water, but I noticed a more earthy flavor from the capsule. It wasn’t unpleasant, but noticeably different from the Be Calm capsules.

Now I know that CBD works differently for different people. Sometimes people require higher doses to experience any kind of health benefits. I won’t make up some elaborate story on how my memory increased dramatically or that my relaxation levels made me as cool as a cucumber. But I will say that the company seems very dedicated to making both of these capsules a premium product, both in appearance, ingredient composition, and intended results. I do believe that these products do what they’re intended to do, thanks to the plethora of reviews on the company’s website and social media accounts. And now that we’ve thoroughly reviewed the capsules, let’s move onto the tinctures!

Price vs Value

Both the Be Calm Capsules and the Stay Sharp Capsules are listed on the site for $58.99, but you can sign up for repeat deliveries and save 10% on each recurring order for a final price of $53.09. Both items are offered with free shipping, with the promise to be shipped within one business day. This might seem a little expensive for only 30 capsules, but keep in mind that these capsules contain proprietary ingredients that are formulated for specific purposes. The Be Calm capsules have hemp extract as well as adaptogens, while the Stay Sharp capsules have hemp extract as well as nootropics.

Product Size(s) Price Price Per MG
Be Calm CBD Capsules 450 mg $58.99 $0.13
Stay Sharp CBD Capsules 450 mg $58.99 $0.13

Be Calm CBD Capsules

Size: 450 mg
Price Per MG:$0.13
Stay Sharp CBD Capsules
Size: 450 mg
Price Per MG$0.13
Plant People Drops+ Tinctures


Tinctures have long been promoted as a simple yet effective way to incorporate CBD into your daily life. Whether you place a dropperful under your tongue, add it to your morning coffee, or sprinkle some over your midday snack, the tincture makes it easy to add CBD to your day.

Plant People CBD Tincture Quality

For the Mind and Body tincture, the ingredients are Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and Organic MCT Oil (coconut). The Sleep tincture ingredient list is a bit longer, containing Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Organic Coconut MCT Oil Organic Terpenes: Myrcene, Linalool, Humulene, Geraniol, Terpineol, Delta-3-Carene, and Nerolidol. Lastly, the Relief tincture has an ingredient list with the following: Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Organic Hempseed Oil, Turmeric Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Ginger Oil, and Vitamin E.

As with the capsules, these tinctures contain full spectrum CBD. Plant People only uses 100% organically grown hemp, locally sourced from Colorado. The CBD is extracted from the entire plant in order to craft a holistic tincture oil. Many hemp that is sourced from overseas is lacking in the high quality and efficacy that Plant People strive to provide to their customers.

And now that we’ve checked out the ingredients, third-party testing, and prices of the tinctures, it’s time to check out the actual product right out of the box! Let’s dive in and see what these three 5mL bottles from the starter pack have to offer!

Plant People CBD Drops+ Tincture Experience

The starter pack comes in a slim and very plain white cardboard box with flaps that keep it from opening accidentally. There is a picture of hemp plants with golden buds in the center, and the company name on the front flap, but the package is very non-descript. When you open the box, a neatly lined trio of tinctures sit in perfectly shaped cutouts to prevent them from laying around. A short message is inscribed on the top of the cardboard box, specifying what each tincture is best used for. It was a little difficult to get the bottles out of the carbon inserts, but I used my nail on the rubber dropper to wedge it out. Each one of the 5mL bottles was stained so dark (nearly black) that it was almost impossible to see how much tincture remained in each bottle, even after holding it up to the light. Each bottle had a white label, but each label had different color lettering and a top stripe to differentiate between the three (Sleep tincture was a calming blue, the Mind + Body was gold, and Relief was red).

Despite being different tinctures for different functions, each one had the same information on the label (except for the name and color): directions for use, bottle size, type of hemp, and seals on the side (gluten-free, vegan friendly, THC-free, organically grown, and GMO-free). There was a perforated plastic casing around the screw-off dropper to ensure none of the tinctures had been tampered with. I carefully unscrewed each one and observed the scent and color of each. The Sleep tincture had the darkest color (similar to olive oil) and the most pungent hemp smell of the three oils. The Mind + Body tincture was the lightest in color (almost as light as lemonade yellow) and had such a faint hemp smell that I almost had to stick my entire nose into the small bottle to detect any scent at all. The Relief tincture was somewhere in the middle of the other two, with a very light yellow color but a noticeable scent of hemp.

Oddly enough, only the Mind + Body Drops and the Relief drops had graduated droppers. The Sleep one did not, making it impossible to see how much I was consuming in a single sitting. In lieu of this, I simply sucked up what looked to be a full dropperful and released it under my tongue.

Drops+ Sleep Tincture

The Sleep tincture was smooth and oily and was very easy to keep under my tongue for the recommended 30 seconds. The taste was earthy and had a distinct hemp flavor that was pleasant. Upon swallowing, I had a light and almost sweet aftertaste that lingered on my taste buds for several seconds. I could very easily see myself taking a dropperful of this before bedtime since the taste was calming and pleasant.

Drops+ Relief Tincture

Next, we have the Relief Tincture, what I call “the middle child,” as it seemed to be the same color as the Mind+Body oil, but had a similar scent to the Sleep oil. I carefully measured out half a dropperful (0.5mL) on the graduated dropper and placed it under my tongue. I had some difficulty keeping this tincture under my tongue for the recommended 30 seconds. Upon swallowing, I had a slightly bitter, very piny aftertaste that made me think I’d swallowed a mouthful of pine needles. It wasn’t terribly unpleasant, but it did make me reach for a glass of water to wash away the cloying tincture flavor.

Mind+Body Tincture

Lastly, we have the Mind+Body tincture. As the tincture that had the lightest color and faintest scent, I was curious to see how this tincture would taste. I measured out half of the dropper (0.5mL) and released it under my tongue. The tincture was smooth and easy to hold under my tongue for thirty seconds and barely had any taste while in my mouth. It was only until I swallowed the tincture that I detected any real flavor. The oiliness in the flavor came out and coated my throat with a faint pine flavor, much like if I’d had a pine-flavored cough drop. There was a light hemp aftertaste lingered in my mouth for a few seconds, but within a minute it had vanished completely.

Overall, these tiny tinctures were the perfect way to test out all three of the Plant People Oils. I was very impressed with the packaging, flavor, and usefulness of each tincture. If you’re considering getting any one of these tinctures as a full-size, I urge you to check out this sample set first. You can also buy it as a gift, as it comes in discreet packaging and can be a great gift for those looking for an all-natural approach to their health issues.

Lab Testing

Just like the capsules, the tinctures all have lab reports, located in the description towards the middle of the page. Simply click on the tab that says “View our lab report” to read through the third-party testing results. You’ll have to scroll through the entire PDF to find the lab result for the product you’re looking for, but the test results are very clearly written and informative.

Price vs Value

The tinctures we have today are actually a starter set from Plant People. A regular 30mL bottle of tincture costs between $39.99 and $49.99, but with this starter kit, you can try out all three of their tinctures for just $49.99. The starter kit comes with three 5mL bottles each containing 120 mg of CBD: one Mind + Body, one Sleep and one Relief.

Product Size(s) Price Price Per MG
Drops+ Starter Pack 360 mg $49.99 $0.14
Drops+ Starter Pack
Size: 360 mg
Price Per MG$0.14


And that wraps up our extensive review on both the three tinctures and the two capsules! Again, the company name of both the tinctures and capsules is Plant People. Their website is professionally structured to give an informative yet calming appeal to all of their products. Plant People believe in producing “unique and innovative botanical formulas” that are vital in “reconnecting us to our true nature.” The company has a great FAQ section on their site that explains why their product is more than just another full-spectrum CBD product. I was delighted to see that they also sell skin care products, clothing, and other herbal products. There’s also a blog and a glossary for newbies in the CBD world, which can be a godsend if you’re just discovering how much information there is about hemp and CBD products.

I would definitely recommend the Plant People products reviewed today to anyone looking to soothe their mind and body, release stress and tension, get a better night’s sleep, and improve the brain’s cognitive functions. Have you tried these or any other CBD products we’ve reviewed? Let us know what you think in the comments below! We’re delighted you took the time to read this extensive review and we hope it helped answer any questions you may have had. Check back with us next time for another CBD product review!

Please note that results and effects discussed above are based on a variety of different factors that could be unique to the individuals who were involved in our reviewal process. With that being said, the results and effects that you experience if you were to try this product may differ and any results or effects discussed above are not guaranteed. The results and effects experienced by our staff and individuals involved with the reviewal process are discussed solely for entertainment purposes and should not be interpreted as medical advice. We highly recommend consulting your physician before trying CBD.

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