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Give me that green life, because I’m ready to go! Greenlife Organics delivers an organic tincture that is pure gold. No, literally, the product’s name is Pure Gold! According to the company website, this is one of the best CBD oils for sleep. CBD has a wonderful variety of uses, including stress reduction, dealing with anxiety and depression, and aids people who struggle with CBD. Adding this tincture to your nightly routine has a plethora of benefits that you won’t want to miss out on. Let’s dive right into this review of the tincture and see what Greenlife Organics CBD has to offer! And stay with us to the end of the review…we’ve got a special surprise for you that I’ve never seen any other company offer. Hint: avocado lovers, you’ll go crazy for this surprise

Is Greenlife Organics High-Quality?

The tincture utilizes full spectrum CBD that is harvested from select USA farms. The CBD is crafted with small batch hemp plants that are 100% organic. Each plant is extracted from the whole blossom and contains terpenes, phytocannabinoids, essential fatty acids, and trichomes that contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. Using cold ethanol, the scientists at Greenlife Organics use a pharmaceutical process that allows the ethanol, at cold temperatures, to protect the CBD while preventing degradation at high heat. The ethanol is removed in the last phase of the extraction and the entire tincture gets tested to ensure the highest quality available.

Lab testing

Greenlife Organics’ website does provide third-party lab testing and results for this particular product. I was able to find the results easily by clicking on the Additional Information tab and scrolling down to a clickable link marked “Lab Results.” This link opens up the third-party testing for all of the products on the site, but you can scroll down the list until you find the results for Pure Gold and click on it to open a PDF in a new window.

Greenlife Pure Gold


Pure Gold is one of five tinctures available on the company website and is the most expensive of all five. The tincture is designed to help you sleep better, relieve your body from aches and pains, and helps support your body in dealing with stress. The tincture is described as being unflavored, which usually means a smooth and earthy flavor of hemp, but we’ll get to the actual taste test shortly. The tincture came in exquisite packaging: a pure white box with the company logo and gold accents. The Greenlife Organics mission statement was located on the right of the box and takes up the entire side of the packaging. On the left side of the box, there is a suggested usage, along with instructions on how to use and where to store. And finally, on the back of the box, there is a description of the product facts. The serving size and servings per bottle are listed (0.5mL and 60, respectively), as well as the other ingredients: hemp oil and pure gold extract. The little flap on the inside of the box was really cute, as it salutes your health with a statement “To Your Health And Wellness,” which I thought was a nice touch.


The actual bottle came with a plastic seal (to ensure freshness) that encased the entire glass bottle. I was able to remove the plastic seal without difficulty (I used a box cutter blade to slice through it) and observed the bottle itself. The 30mL (1 oz.) bottle was frosted clear glass and the label wrapped nearly all the way around it. I was able to see the tincture’s color and level through the frosted glass but had a tough time seeing the liquid’s viscosity. The label itself was professional and crisp, with a white background boldly showcasing the gold letters, reflective gold banner, and green company logo. The name Pure Gold was stamped dead center into the label, with “Hemp Extract <0.3% THC” & “Unflavored” located neatly below. There was a dark gray circle underneath this that stated that the bottle contained 1200mg of CBD, or roughly 40mg of CBD per dropper. The back of the label again stated the suggested use, instructions, and warnings, just like on the box. A barcode and the product origin (Made In The USA) were The dropper tip was a soft white nub and was encircled by a painted silver base that screwed onto the bottle. After vigorously shaking the bottle, I unscrewed the bottle with extreme ease and prepared to take my first dropperful of the tincture.

Being that this tincture was 1200mg of CBD, I knew to expect a strong scent of hemp when I held the bottle to my nose. I squeezed the dropper full and observed the color of the tincture. The frosted glass makes the tincture look like it’s a dark brown, almost like freshly brewed coffee. However, the tincture showed easily through the graduated dropper to be a dark yellow, almost like an extra virgin olive oil. The dropper was strong enough to suck up an entire dropperful of tincture, almost to the very top! I had to release some to get to the suggested dosage of 0.5mg, but I noticed that the tincture was very oily and consistent. I placed the dropper contents under my tongue and let it sit for the recommended 90 seconds before swallowing. I noted that the tincture was easy to hold under my tongue and had a pleasant sensation. It wasn’t too oily nor did it taste like anything until I swallowed. A word of warning: the tincture was VERY strong in hemp flavor once I followed, and there was a slightly bitter aftertaste that lingered in the back of my throat for several seconds, sharpening with each passing second. I ended up taking a swig of water just to rid my throat of the growing discomfort, but overall, it wasn’t a bad scent, flavor, or texture. Just be prepared for that strong aftertaste and you’ll be fine.

Price vs Value

As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, this is a very high-priced item. Pure Gold Tincture is listed at a whopping $119.99 for 1200mg on the company website, but a double dosage of that (2400mg) goes for just $162.99. If you’re using this product to help you sleep, this tincture is worth its weight in gold! And the fact that for double the dosage of CBD is only 50% more expensive than the 1200mg bottle, you’ll actually be saving money by buying the higher CBD level.

Product Size(s) Price Price Per MG
PURE GOLD FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL 1200 mg $119.99 $0.10

750mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Price Per MG:$0.08
Size: 1200 mg
Price Per MG$0.10

Company Information

I absolutely loved the company website, as it was chock full of useful information, had a beautiful layout, and was so easy to navigate! The pictures were crisp, the information was listed in an easy-to-read format, and there was even a quiz you can take to see which CBD product is right for you. There was also a blog, product finder, and a wholesale option for retailers. Definitely check out their website if you’re looking to try CBD for the first time, especially if you’re searching for an all-natural sleep aid and pain reliever.

Are you ready for that special surprise for you that we mentioned at the beginning of the article? Well here it is: Greenlife Organics actually sells avocados! Why is this so special? These avocados are grown right next to the hemp plants and are certified organic from the Agriculture Department in the State of California. The avocados are watered with natural well water and are fertilized by Greenlife’s farm chickens. These avocados are literally the freshest you can get, and they come at a fraction of the price that store-bought avocados are: 10 avocados for $10. If you’re an avid avocado lover and a happy hemp user, look no further than Greenlife Organics. There’s so much more that this site has to offer, but I was so delighted that Greenlife Organics actually sells avocados that I had to share it with you.

Should You Try Greenlife Organics CBD Products?

Overall, I rate this product a 9 out of 10. The product packaging, general information available, and appearance of the actual tincture were delightful. I wasn’t a big fan of the aftertaste, but because 1200mg is an extremely high level of CBD, I was already expecting a harsh sensation after swallowing. But in regards to the scent, ease of use, and actual flavor, I could easily see myself becoming a repeat customer for this product. After just a few minutes, I felt more focused yet relaxed. If your CBD regimen is primarily right before you go to sleep, you’ll certainly enjoy adding this product to your CBD collection.

And that concludes our review of the Pure Gold tincture from Greenlife Organics! I urge you to browse the other products on the company website if you’re curious about their other wares. From candles and chapstick to pet treats and topicals, Greenlife Organic CBD products will enhance your well-being and elevate your state of mind. Curious about what CBD can do for you? Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. Have you purchased one of Greenlife Organic’s products and would like to share your experience? Drop a comment below and let us know! As passionate lovers of CBD, we look forward to hearing from you about how CBD can help you in your daily (or nightly!) routine! Check back with us soon for our next review of yet another incredible CBD product!

Please note that results and effects discussed above are based on a variety of different factors that could be unique to the individuals who were involved in our reviewal process. With that being said, the results and effects that you experience if you were to try this product may differ and any results or effects discussed above are not guaranteed. The results and effects experienced by our staff and individuals involved with the reviewal process are discussed solely for entertainment purposes and should not be interpreted as medical advice. We highly recommend consulting your physician before trying CBD.

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  • A bit pricey

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