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In a world where CBD is fighting hard to distance itself from the negative connotations of marijuana, today we bring you a product that looks amusingly similar to weed: hemp flower buds from Industrial Farms! In this review, we’ll be going over three different strains: Sour Diesel, Magic Jordan, and Green Gas. Some of these strains may sound familiar to you but rest assured, none of these strains have more than 0.3% THC, the legal limit for any CBD product. This is a little bit of a tricky product to use if you’ve never tried hemp flowers before, so we’ll review the company, pricing, and appearance, as well as go over some ways to use these flowers and which method we preferred.

*Lab results can easily be found on the product descriptions of their website, or by scanning a QR code on the physical product.*


As mentioned in the introduction, I received three different strains of hemp flowers from Industrial Farms. The packaging was very simple and easy to open with just a tear-off strip. One thing I didn’t like about this type of packaging was the name of the particular strain was only a sticker on the tear-off tab on the top of the packaging. If you decide to buy more than one variety of these hemp flowers, make sure you keep track of which is which since it’s easy to get confused (all the packets look the same). I ended up placing the tear off tab in the packaging so I would know which one was which, but you can write on the package as well (a sharpie worked well). A large square sticker is on the front that displays the company name, size, product type, as well as a QR code that you can use your smartphone’s camera to look up. The back of the packaging is completely see-through, which lets you see the color and size of the hemp flowers. There is a large white sticker on the back that states the product is produced in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, as well as a disclaimer that the product contains less that 0.3% THC. The disclaimer also states that while the effects are not intoxicating like the real marijuana strain, you may not notice the results until 2-3 hours later after you’ve used the product. For this reason, they caution against operating machinery or driving, as it may cause drowsiness. For all health concerns, definitely consult your physician before trying this product for the first time, especially if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Now that we’ve gone over the product packaging, company, and pricing, it’s time to dive right into the actual review of the product!

Sour Diesel IHF

Sour Diesel

We’ll start out with the Sour Diesel Strain. This is one the most famous strains in the entire cannabis industry, and now you can use it in CBD form! Right out of the pack, my nostrils were met with the sour and sharp scent that Sour Diesel is known for. I used both the vaporizer and the pipe for this strain. My initial reaction was it tasted very leafy, almost like I had a branch in my mouth. The flower itself smelled strong, but once it was in the vaporizer and pipe, the only scent was a very light and flowery aroma.

Magic Johnson IHF

Magic Jordan CBG

Next, we have Magic Jordan. Magic Jordan was the second hemp flower I tried and I actually preferred this scent to all three flowers. I also ended up using the vaporizer and the pipe for this flower. The scent was pleasant and piney, much like the hemp tinctures I’ve tried. The taste was faintly like sunflowers and then faded into a pine flavor. Out of all the hemp flowers, this one smelled the strongest of hemp. This flower left a slight aftertaste even several minutes after not inhaling it. The smoke was smooth and pleasant, which was altogether very calming.

Green Gas IHF

Green Gas

Lastly, we tried Green Gas. This flower smelled a little spicier but was more muted than the others. I used the vaporizer and the empty cigarette cartridge on this strain. I wasn’t really fond of the flavor on this particular strain in a cigarette so be mindful if you do end up choosing this method.

Effects and Benefits

Overall, all these flowers smelled like hemp plants with slightly different aromas. They also had similar flavors: very grassy with light nuances in taste.

The initial flavor of the smoke of all the hemp flowers was nothing like the flowers smelled like. I eventually got used to the flavor, and all of the strains helped me get very relaxed. Too relaxed actually. I ended up falling asleep and sleeping right through all three of my morning alarms! My sleep was absolutely beautiful and I woke to feel fully rested and refreshed. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night with any anxiety or paranoia either. For all the work it took to use this product and the aversion to the taste, this product actually works wonders. It does what it says: it leaves you feeling relaxed and the sleep is incredible.

Price vs Value

The hemp flowers are sold on the company website and range greatly in the price: $8.99 for a gram and a whopping $950 for a pound. The sample size that I got was 1/8th oz (3.5 grams) for $18.99. If you’re just starting out with hemp flowers, I recommend you start small with just a gram and experiment with different strains.

IHF logo

Company Information

Industrial Hemp Farms is a Colorado-based company that produces premium hemp flowers with CBD. They have quite a bit more than just hemp flowers on their site, though. I was able to find CBD oils, concentrates, topicals, bath bombs, edibles, and even vape juice. There were also videos of the company’s CBD extraction methods, both a CBD and a cannabis blog that were extremely well written, consulting services, and even a wholesale option for vendors. The site looked professional, clean, and informative.

Should you Try IHF Hemp Flower?

I would absolutely recommend these products to flower enthusiasts. If you’re a first time user, start slow with these flowers. It may take some getting used to if you’re doing this by yourself, so don’t be afraid to enlist the help of YouTube or an experienced smoker. If you’re uncertain which method is right for you, start small and experiment with what works best for you (I recommend the vaporizer for first-time users and the pipe for experienced smokers). If you’re a long time smoker, keep in mind that since these products aren’t weed, they’re not going to taste or smell the same.

Have you tried these hemp flowers before? What was your initial reaction to it? I’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions about this or any other CBD product we’ve reviewed so far, you can contact us via our live chat option or by email. We look forward to hearing from you! Check back with us soon for our next review on more delightful CBD products!

Please note that results and effects discussed above are based on a variety of different factors that could be unique to the individuals who were involved in our reviewal process. With that being said, the results and effects that you experience if you were to try this product may differ and any results or effects discussed above are not guaranteed. The results and effects experienced by our staff and individuals involved with the reviewal process are discussed solely for entertainment purposes and should not be interpreted as medical advice. We highly recommend consulting your physician before trying CBD.

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